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Separator Bar Neodymium Magnets, Strong Powerful Separator Tube Neodymium Magnets, Magnetic Tubes, Bar Magnets for Separation

Separator Bar Neodymium Magnets – Separate ferrous scrap and particles using these powerful Separator Bar Magnets. Each magnetic bar consists of a series of Rare-earth (neodymium-iron-boron) magnets, encased in 1″ dia. 304 stainless steel tube. Each bar has a Female 1/4″x20 Threaded mount on both ends for easy mounting. This magnetic bar is very powerful and perfect for separating out fine particles such as metal shavings, filings, and residue from metal wear, as well as larger ferrous items like screws, nuts, and washers.

Assembly of multiple magnets encased in a stainless steel tube. Strong magnetic field on the outside diameter.

Permanent Magnets Separator Strong Bar Magnet Magnetic Tube with Stainless Steel

The neo bar is a ferrous scrap and particle separator. The magnet is designed to be used in a conveyor belt or funnel application, where it will pick up metallic scrap and particles such as metal shavings loose nuts, bolts etc.

WARNING: These powerful magnetic separators can be very dangerous if miss-handled. They will attach together with a force over 200 lbs, smashing anything in their path. Keep the spacer tubes on the magnet at all times while handling. Only remove the spacers when the magnet is fully secured.

magnetic bar consists of 4-24 super powerful rare earth neodymium magnets, encased in food grade 304 stainless steel tubing. The steel tubing has a threaded hole on each end for mounting with a machine screw or bolt.

Listed below are some of our best-selling sizes of ndfeb bar magnets. Other sizes are available. E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 if the size you need is not listed here.



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Product Range

Model Grade Diameter




Thread Type Thread Depth(inch)
45MBAR4 N45M 1 4 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR6 N45M 1 6 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR8 N45M 1 8 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR9 N45M 1 9 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR10 N45M 1 10 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR12 N45M 1 12 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR16 N45M 1 16 1/4-20 0.27
45MBAR24 N45M 1 24 1/4-20 0.27
Model Grade Diameter




Thread Type Thread Depth(mm)
45MBAR4 N45M 25.40 101.60 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR6 N45M 25.40 152.40 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR8 N45M 25.40 203.20 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR9 N45M 25.40 228.60 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR10 N45M 25.40 254.00 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR12 N45M 25.40 304.80 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR16 N45M 25.40 406.4 1/4-20 6.86
45MBAR24 N45M 25.40 609.60 1/4-20 6.86


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