Magnetic Catches

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Magnetic-CatchesCatcher-Magnet-Magnetic-door-stopperMagnetic Catches keeps doors, cabinets or cupboards open with powerful magnetic catch. No slamming doors. No damaged walls. Releases with gentle tug. Easy to install on door, floor or wall. Hardware included.

HS Magnetics has a wide range of Magnetic Catches ( Magnetic cabinet door stop) for customers. Our Magnetic Door Catches have good appearance and are widely used in office and home etc.

The category have catch magnets products includ:Magnetic Touch Latches, Heavy Duty Magnetic Catches, Plastic Magnetic Catch, Metal Magnetic Catch, Sealed Magnetic Catches, Snap-In Magnetic Catch, Slide Magnetic Latch, Clip in Magnetic Catches, Recessed Magnetic Catches, Standard Magnetic Door Catchers, Magnetic Door Catchers, Knock-in Recessed Magnetic Catches, Magnetic Cabinet Catches, etc.

Powerful magnetic door catchers ( Magnetic door stopper) make sure a wind gust won’t slam the door in your face when you are bringing in the groceries! Mount the magnetic post on the floor or wall, and the smaller, spring-loaded, magnetic catch near the door bottom. Also protects wall from door knob. Gently pull door for easy release. Durable steel construction with strong magnets. Screws and anchors included. Please specify bright gold, white, black or polished chrome.

Suitable for use with both single and double door cabinets, the HSMAG magnetic cabinet catch is used to support door alignment and hold doors closed.
For use with single or double door cabinets
Used to support door alignment
Holds doors closed

The door catcher contains a high magnetism permanent magnet, which ensures the stability of the door. Compact size saves room and makes the door catcher more concealed.door-catcher

HANGSENG Magnetics has a wide range of Magnetic door catchers for customers. Our magnetic door catchers look nice and are very convenient to be widely used in office and home etc.

Satin Finish Magnetic Door Stopper Touch Latch Holder

Satin Finish Magnetic Door Stopper Touch Latch Holder

MDS14 Series Satin Finish Magnetic Door Stopper Magnetic Door Touch Latch, Door Stopper Magnetic Door Catch and Holder, Home Office Room Door Stopper Floor Magnetic Stop Holder Zinc Alloy / Stainless Steel Silver Tone Doorstops Material : Stainless Steel / Zink Alloy Floor Base Steel Size : 48mm Long, 22mm Width, Total High: 42mm, Magnetic Holder Length: 49mm, […]

Household Door Hidden-style Magnetic Holder Stopper Catch w Screws

Hidden-style Door Magnetic Holder Stopper Catch with Screws

MDS13 Series Household Door Hidden-style Magnetic Holder Stopper Catch w/ Screws, Deluxe Zinc Alloy / Stainless Steel Casting / Aluminum Floor-mounted Conceal Magnetic Door Stopper Door Stops Floor Suction For Home or Office Home Decoration Zinc Alloy / Stainless Steel 304 Metal Magnetic Door Stops For Wood Floor Mount satin Color Safety Door Handle Function Specification: MDS13-01 […]

Slide Magnetic Latch

Slide Magnetic Latch

Slide Magnetic Latch, Magnet Slide Latch, Hidden Door Magnetic Latch, Magnetic Latch for Glass Shower Door, Adjustable Push Magnetic Catches Push to open/close For overlay door, allow a 4mm (5/32″) gap between door and cabinet frame for push motion / pushing space Catch body is made from Polyacetal/ABS with a ferrite magnet Can be supplied with screws […]


Snap-In Magnetic Catch

Strong Snap-In Magnetic Catch for Metal Cabinet, Heavy Duty Magnetic Catch, Multi Size Snap-In Magnetic Catch with neodymium / ceramic magnet, Long Snap-In Magnetic Catch with NdFeB Magnet, Magnetic Door Catch Latches Snap-In Rectangular Plastic Strong Medium Snap-In Magnetic Catch Small design with a strong magnetic force Catch body is made from ABS with a neodymium magnet Available in either black […]

Sealed Magnetic Catch

Sealed Magnetic Catches

Sealed Magnetic Catches, Sealed Magnetic Catch Dual Mount, Sealed Magnetic Catch Slim, Polyacetal Surface Mount Sealed Magnetic Catch, Sealed Compact Magnetic Catch, Catches Type Sealed Neodymium Magnet, Door Magnetic Catches Type: Sealed Neodymium Magnet Materials: Polypropylene, Neodymium, 316 Stainless Hermetically sealed, ideal for high corrosion environments No metal-to-metal contact, ideal for cleanroom applications Strong magnetic force High-strength magnet […]

Double Rectangle Magnetic Touch Latch

Double Rectangle Magnetic Touch Latch

Double Magnetic Touch Latch Rectangle, Double Magnetic Catch with Touch Latch, Double Rectangular / Block Magnetic Pressure Catches with counterplate Available in 3 colours (white, brown, black) Push to latch / unlatch Double catch for dual doors that meet in the centre Eliminates need for handles or knobs For overlay door, allow a 4mm gap between door and cabinet […]

Magnetic Touch Latch w Long or Medium Stroke

Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Long or Medium Stroke

Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Long or Medium Stroke, Long Stroke Magnetic Touch Latches, Single Stroke Magnetic Pressure Catch, Long or Medium Release Stroke Magnetic Touch Latches Available in two colours (Brown / White / Black) Long stroke for medium size doors Push to latch / unlatch Eliminates need for handles or knobs Magnetic Touch Latch – Medium Stroke: For overlay door, allow a 3.5mm gap […]


Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Short Stroke

Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Short Stroke,  Single Short Stroke Magnetic Pressure Catch, Short Release Stroke Magnetic Touch Latches with Features: Available in two colours (Brown / White) Push to latch / unlatch Push to open/close Eliminates need for handles or knobs For overlay door, allow a 4mm (5/32″) gap between door and cabinet frame for pushing room Catch body […]


Double Magnetic Catch with Touch Latch

Double Round Magnetic Touch Latch, Double Magnetic Catch with Touch Latch, Double Door Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Strike Plate (Counter Plate), Double Magnetic Pressure Catch, Magnetic Spring Loaded Touch Latch Double magnetic touch latches are the ideal solution when you want the clean, seamless look of no knobs, and you have a pair of doors that meet in the middle. Simply […]


Single Slide Magnetic Touch Latch

Single Slide Magnetic Touch Latch, Slide Magnetic Latch,  Single Door Magnetic Touch Latch w/ Strike Plate (Sealed Counter Plate), Magnetic Pressure Catch with Touch Latch, Screw Mounted Round Metal, Plastic Casing Magnetic Touch Latch Magnetic Touch Latches are the ideal solution when you want the clean, seamless look of no knobs. Simply press the door and the spring-loaded plunger pops it open […]

Ultra Thin Strong Magnetic Catch

Ultra Thin Strong Magnetic Catch

Ultra Thin Strong Magnetic Catch, Screw Mounted Rectangular Steel Magnetic Catch, Powerful Strong Magnet Latch, Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Magnetic Catch w/ Counterplate HSMC-U01 Ultra Thin Magnetic Catch Key Features Ultra thin magnetic catch ideal for tight space Strong magnetic force Max. temperature: 80°C (176°F) To avoid breakage, counterplate should not hit magnet Screw heads should not protrude […]


Magnetic Touch Latches

Magnetic Touch Latches, Recessed Magnetic Touch Latch, Surface Mounted Magnetic Touch Latch, Magnetic Door Catch, Single Surface Magnetic Touch Latch Magnetic Touch Latch will hold a cabinet door closed yet only a light touch is needed to operate the internal spring in the catch to the release the door. They are surface mounted and recessed. They are either surface mount fitting or recess […]


Metal Heavy Duty Magnetic Catches

Metal Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Catches  w/ counterplate, Two Position Heavy Duty Magnetic Catch,  Long Heavy Duty Magnetic Catch Ferrite Catch Magnet with Metal body, Magnetic Door Catches For Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Wardrobe Doors Feature: 3 styles: Long, Two-position and Economy Special design provides screw mounting options in 2 different positions (two-position style) Strong and heavy duty magnetic catch Strong […]


Heavy Duty Plastic Magnetic Catch

Heavy Duty Magnetic Catch Plastic, Strong Neodymium Magnetic Catch, Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Magnetic Catches, Screw In Magnetic Catches- Plastic Casing, Magnetic Latches Feature: Special design provides screw mounting options in 2 different positions Strong magnetic force in a small casing Catch body is made from polycarbonate with a neodymium magnet Magnet Catches are simple and affordable. The purpose of the […]


General Purpose Magnetic Catches

General Purpose Magnetic Catches, Screw Mounted Rectangular Metal, Plastic Casing Magnetic Catch, Surface Mounted Magnetic Catch, Raly, Supec and Slimline Style, Surface Magnetic Catch Complete with Counterplate General Purpose Magnetic Catches are suitable for all furniture and holding applications. The maximum possible pull force achievable is 3kg to 15kg depending on the version. The General Purpose Magnetic Catches come in three […]


Clip in Magnetic Catches

Clip in Magnetic Catches, Snap-In Rectangular PP Magnetic Catch, Clip in Magnetic Door Catchers, Clip in Recessed Magnetic Catches w/ counterplate for Door Cupboard Cabinet Home / Kitchen Furniture These clip in magnetic catches can be used on metal or plastic sheets where they can be sunk into very narrow door jambs. Easy to fit, they require no screws, they […]


Adjustable Surface Magnetic Catches

Adjustable Surface Magnetic Catches, Magnetic Adjustable Surface Catches, Surface Mounted Magnetic Catch Adjustable with Counterplate, Recessed Adjustable Magnetic Catch Magnetics Adjustable Surface Magnetic Catch is an easily adjustable design.It can be used to fit a wide range of doors and cabinets. The magnet and pole pieces are enclosed in a housing which has an impact resistant […]


Metal Recessed Magnetic Catches

Metal Recessed Magnetic Catches with counterplate or without counterplate, Magnetic Wardrobe Cupboard Cabinet Door Catch Latch, Metal Recessed Magnetic Catches no flange or + flange These magnetic catches / magnetic stoppers are recommended for handling and fixing applications and are suitable for temperatures up to 100 degrees C. They offer high levels of attraction and resistance to vibration. […]


Knock-in Recessed Magnetic Catches

Recessed Magnetic Catches, Knock-in Magnetic Catches, Round Magnetic Catch, Bullet-shape Cylindrical Magnetic Catcher, Magnetic Catches and Door Stops, Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Door Stopper Magnet Recessed Magnetic Catches are cylindrical magnetic catches encased in a plastic sleeve. The front surface is round, the body is ribbed. It is recess mounted and adjustable. Both hold tightly in the […]


Standard Magnetic Door Catchers

Standard Magnetic Door Catchers, Magnetic Door Catch, Magnetic Door Stopper, Door Catcher Magnet, RareEarth Neodymium Magnetic Door Catchers Powerful Magnetic Door stopper (alternately Magnet Door Catcher )uses sintered ndfeb magnet and ferrite magnet to keep door open. HSMAG use the magnetic power of magnets to produce the magnetic door catcher,which is popular in Construction and decoration industries in people’s life. Subject […]