Bullet Magnets

Bullet Magnets, Housed Bullet Magnet, Bullet Magnetic Separator

Bullet magnetic separator is designed for installation in pipelines or ducted systems, to trap the ferrous particles from the powder, grain material flows over the magnetic bullet .Open the door to remove the ferrous particles on the surface of the magnetic core.

Magnetic Bullet are typically installed into pipelines and gravity feed chutes.
Ferrite or neodymium magnets are used, depending on the magnetic strength required.
These magnets are super cost efficient and are ideal for extracting iron particles, nuts, bolts and other ferrous contaminants.
They can be installed in pipes up to 500mm in diameter, and our engineers will visit your plant to recommend the correct bullet application.


1. The nose cone designed like bullet ensure magnetic field optimum contact with the product flow.
2. Cone magnetic strength can be chosen from 3000Gs to 15000Gs,ensure any ferrous particles are securely held in position until cleaned.
3. Designed for quick and easy cleaning- open the cover, clean the magnet.
4. Special requirement can be custom made.

Industry Applications:
Food, Grains, Ceramic, Animal Feed, Plastics, Bulk Powder Processing, Chemical, Cosmetics

Bullet Magnet

Bullet Magnet


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Bullet Magnet

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