Handling Lifting Magnets

Handling Lifting Magnets, PML Lifting Magnets, Permanent Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Lifter China Supplier & Manufacturer

PML Handling Lifting magnets have proven many times. They have an increased Safety factor and will reach the best Results possible especially at poor surfaces. The robust, smooth Handed switching mechanism can be operated with Gloves as well, and can be turned off recoilless. The massive method of construction of the PML series and the especially strong running rotor shaft ensure reliability, even in harsh applications.

PML Lifting magnets are available in many different designs and versions. All types are for broadband use, with special values for different core tasks. They provide more safety. A lot of arguments speak for their commitment both in toolmaking and in steel construction, material storage etc.

Virtually wear-free high-quality materials
Great performance with compact dimensions
Low weight
Maximum performance even on poor surfaces
Magnetic body fully plated or painted
Short pick up and release time

Handling Lifting Magnets

Handling Lifting Magnets

Designed for performance and longevity, HSMAG’s Permanent Lifting Magnets are also very distinctive in style. Smaller is not always better and especially in relation to below the hook lifting. Our unique permanent lifters have a larger footprint than most other lifters on the market. Having this larger footprint makes it easier for the user to center the magnetic lifter onto the load which in turn is better for the overall balancing of the lift.These lifters employ the latest rare-earth magnets for unsurpassed power and performance. They are capable of lifting both flat and round work pieces safely and can be customized to suit a variety of applications.Three standard sizes are available in the following safe working loads — 500, 1000 and 2000 lb. — to best fit your light and heavy lifting needs.

custom portable magnetic lifters

Custom Portable Magnetic Lifters

Custom Portable Magnetic Lifters, Cam type magnetic lifter, Custom Portable Steel Plate Magnetic Lifter, Sheet Metal Magnetic Lifter, Portable Magnetic Lifters, 50kg Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter Portable Magnetic Lifters Technology Data: Part No: HS-PKL Dimension: 140*100*190 mm / 124*100*270 mm Rated Lifting Capacity: 50 KG Test Max Pull off Force: 170 KG Weight: 2.7 KG Customized Cam type magnetic […]

30kg magnetic plate lifter

30kg Magnetic Plate Lifter

30kg Magnetic Plate Lifter, Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, 30kg Portable Magnetic Lifters, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter, Cam Type Magnetic Lifter Magnetic Plate Lifter Technology Data: Part No: HS-LS3-1 Dimension: Length 148mm X Width 158mm X  Handle Height 174mm X  Height 25mm Rated Lifting Capacity: 30 KG Test Max Pull off Force: 105 KG […]

portable permanent magnetic lifter

Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Permanent Lifting Magnet, Portable Steel Plate Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Sheet Metal Lifters, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter Technology Data: Part No: HS-LS3 Dimension: Length 148mm X Width 158mm X Height 25mm Rated Lifting Capacity: 30 KG Test Max Pull off Force: 105 KG Weight: […]

portable magnetic lifter

Portable Magnetic Lifter

Portable Magnetic Lifter, Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Lifting Magnet, Portable Steel Plate Magnetic Lifter, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter Portable Magnetic Lifter Technology Data: Part No: HS-HML Dimension: Length 140mm X Width 180mm X Height 28mm Rated Lifting Capacity: 50 KG Test Max Pull off Force: 150 KG Weight: 1.8 KG Portable Magnetic Lifter […]


Lifting Magnet Beam Clamping Modules

Lifting Magnet Beam Clamping Modules, Magnetic Lifting Clamp, Magnetic Beam Clamping Modules, European Diplomat and Isle of Arran The beam clamping modules have been developed over a period of time working in conjunction on ships such as the “European Diplomat” and the “Isle of Arran”. These modules take the place of the original welded cleats and wedges that were […]


Rare Earth Permanent Lifting Magnet F Series

F Series Rare Earth Permanent Lifting Magnet, Neodymium Permanent Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Tools Lifters, Strong Permanent Magnetic Lifter Permanent Lifting Magnet Feature: 1,safety factor of 3 times 2,state of art design 3,smaller and lighter than ever 4,machine out from monolith block and thus very stable 5,easily transportable 6,actuating lever with positive spring lock Brief: More […]


Double Circuit Permanent Magnetic Lifters J Series

J Series Double Circuit Permanent Magnetic Lifters, Powerful Permanent Magnetic Lifter Hoist or Crane with Double Magnetic Circuit, Double Circuit Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet Made with super strong neodymium magnets Magnetic Lifters – Double magnetic circuit lifter have strong magnetic path by NdFeB magnetic materials. On and off themagnetic path is controlled by turning the […]


Super Strong Permanent Lifting Magnet I Series

I Series  Super Strong Permanent Lifting Magnet, Manual Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Tools Lifters, Handling Magnetic Lifter, Super Strong Neodymium Lifting Magnet Lifting Magnet – Permanent Magnetic Lifter( permanent lifting magnet) used to hold/release steel plate or iron block for lifting or handling operation. It has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB permanent magnet. On […]


Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter E Series

E Series Heavy Duty Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Super Strong Neodymium Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Power Lift Magnet, Universal Magnetic Lifter Magnetic Lifter Also known plate lifting magnets, the HSMAG range is the leader in lifting magnet sales worldwide. The huge power of HSMAG’s rare earth ‘neutral crown’ permanent lifting magnet technology is applied right at the lifting […]


Powerful Magnetic Lifter D Series

D Series Powerful Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Permanent Lifting Magnet, Super Strong Magnetic Lifter, Rare Earth NdFeB Magnetic Lifter Manufacturer Powerful Magnetic Lifter – HSMAG’ ranges of high strength magnetic lifters are produced with super strong Neodymium magnets, with your safety in mind. Operation is by way of turning the manual handle once on the operating surface. Magnetic […]


Manual Permanent Lifting Magnet C Series

C Series Manual Permanent Lifting Magnet, Heavy Duty Magnetic Lifter, Handling Permanent Magnet Lifter, Permanent Neodymium Lifting Magnet Permanent Lifting Magnet – Permanent Rare Earth ON/OFF Magnets These compact yet powerful Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or […]


Permanent Magnetic Lifter B Series

B Series Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Power Lifting Magnet, Universal Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Heavy Duty Neodymium Lifting Magnets Permanent Magnetic Lifter – A kind of material handling equipment,To suck and move the metal sheet,CE certified The main uses and characteristics 1. Widely used in machining and mould processing industry. 2. Using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, with […]


Magnetic Lifter A Series

Magnetic Lifter, Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Lifting Magnet, Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet, Powerful Magnetic Lifter Magnetic Lifter – The assortment of our permanent magnetic lifter (P.M.Lifter) is manufactured using the latest technology. It comprises of the following unique features: Compact Lightweight Apt for Flat & round material High lift to its weight ratio Easy operation facilitated […]