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Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators

/Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators
  • Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators

Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators, Excellent cooling performance LAMINATED NdFeB MAGNET ASSEMBLY, horizontal segmentation Laminated rare earth magnets FOR AXIAL FLUX PM MOTORS, Custom High power density Lamination Permanent Magnet China Supplier

Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators Part No. HSLAMIM-26
Customzied Specific Requirements
Know as Lamination Magnetic Core
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Dimension: Customized size

Laminated type axial flux motor magnet, Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor Generator Stator
Axial flux motor is also suffering from eddy current losses, and its work efficiency will be also affected by the high-temperature demagnetization. Magnet segmentation technique is an advisable choice to decrease the eddy current losses of axial flux motor magnet. It should be noted that the effects of horizontal segmentation will be much better than vertical segmentation’s.

We have invented a new nano coating,the technical characteristics of which are as follows:: Super corrosion resistance;Higher mechanical properties;Excellent stability;High reliability(No effect on magnetism )
LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT DESIGN, Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators
This lightweight and compact design contributes to the motors’ extremely high torque density. This, coupled with its excellent direct transmission drive characteristics, makes it ideal for high power and torque applications.

Axial Flux motors’ design is compact, lightweight, and scalable, producing exceptional levels of performance across the entire Elmo range of motors. This technology, previously used to hybridize vehicles, has now been applied across the automotive, marine, off-highway and oil and gas industry.
The Axial Flux motor range includes the Elmo-S (air cooled) and Elmo-D (liquid cooled) motors that suit a wide array of applications dependent on power requirements.

Advantages of axial flux motor
Compact structure, especially short axial sizes.
Small volume
Low weight.
High torque density.
High power density.
Small end-winding.
Excellent cooling performance.

Application of Laminated Type Magnet for Axial-Flux Motors and Generators
Based on the above advantages, axial flux motor is perfect for high torque density and space compact applications. Most people believe that the high power density only depends on high speed, and overlook the influence of torque density. The mere pursuit of high speed will lead the short service time and noise. In fact, the core of the high-speed motor is the enhancement of torque density, and axial flux motor is a typical solution among them.

Our NdFeB products have a wide range of applications
(1). Used in drive motor of BEV,micro motor of automotive,robot motors,linear motors,Industrial Motors, Electronic Control Systems and Traction Motors, etc.
(2). Used in loudspeakers,earphones,sensors etc.

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