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HSMAG offers excellent selection of Magnetic Lifters, also be called Lifting Magnets, including Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Universal Magnetic Lifter, Super Magnetic Lifter, Industrial Magnetic Lifter, Double Circuit Magnetic Lifter, Eletro Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Powerful Magnetic Lifter and other magnetic lifter tools.

HSMAG permanent magnetic lifter has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet.On and off of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle.The lifters have the features of strong attraction,smaller volume,lighter weight,powerful lifting effort,easy and safe to operate ,long-period effort and without power supply.They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for factories,docks,ware houses,transportation etc.



1. PML series permanent magnetic lifter is composed of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic material with high performance ferromagnetic system.
2. The handle’s movement changes the magnetic force of the ferromagnetic system to achieve adsorption and release to the workpiece.
3. There is a steel ring on top of the magnetic lifter for hoisting objects,and a V-shaped groove at the bottom for holding corresponding cylindrical objects. The force magnet guarantees the indefinite high degree of concentration also the stable strength.
4. With novel style, new designed and anti-collision handle, this permanent magnetic lifter is more durable.
5. The safe load coefficient is 3.5 times,even if is hung between the work piece and the lifter has a bigger air gap,also can guarantee the best active status.
6. Mainly uses in the hoisting process with by the hoisting work piece connection,uses in to move the steel plate and other magnetic induction work piece.
7. Safe and reliable operation,the compact light weight widely application in factory,wharf,warehouse,in transportation profession.
8. The improvement loading and unloading transporting work working condition,enhances the working efficiency.




1. Temperature never exceeds 80℃.
2. Sudden shock or attack is forbidden.
3. Please assure there is no corrosive material to metal.
4. Never switch the magnet on before it has been placed on the load.
5. Ensure that the weight of the load to be lifted does not exceed the rated lifting capacity, overloading is not permitted.
6. Never lifter more than one workpiece at a time with this magnet.
7. Never stand under the load.
8. Check the parts and magnet condition carefully before using to avoid any accidents, never use a damaged or poorly operating magnet.
9. Always keep the magnet clean and clear.
10. To ensure safety, you are suggested to test the magnet every two years.

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