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Magnetic pulleys are constructed of quality steel, strong permanent magnets enclosed by stainless steel by welding. They are designed to remove large and small ferrous debris from product streams in belt conveyor systems. Magnetic pulley separators are typically placed at the head of conveyer belt. As magnetic head pulleys particles near the separator’s magnetic field, they are attracted and held to the conveyor’s belt until they reach the conveyor’s underside, pass out of the magnetic head pulleys and are discharged into a chute or bin.
Simple structure, easy assembling
continuously, automatically separate ferromagnetic material from the material’s flow
All welded construction for rugged use

custom pulley face widths, shafts and lagging.
314 ,316L stainless steel and other alloy construction
Various magnetic strengths and working temp for customer choice

Built to Match Your Exact Size Requirements
The Magnetic Head Pulley can be built to match your exact size requirements. It can usually replace your existing head pulley with no structural modifications.
Standard Strength Ferrite Magnets: suitable for separating general tramp iron and contamination such as nuts, bolts, nails, steel cans, wire etc.
High Intensity Rare Earth Magnets: suitable for removing general tramp iron, weakly magnetic material, fine iron/wire and ferrous metal with inclusions such as wood, rubber, non-ferrous metal etc.
The Rare Earth Magnet System is recommended when a maximum level of metal removal is required.



Minimise Maintenance
Magnetic Head pulley magnapower pulley system
Heavy-duty construction with no moving parts provides a unit with almost no maintenance requirement.
Permanent magnet pulleys are built using high intensity non-deteriorating material, so not only is no power required to the magnet, but it will also provide maximum magnetic force for the lifetime of the machine.
High permeability iron circuit to minimise stray magnetic fields in shaft and outer bearings thus prolonging their life.


Material is carried along the conveyor in the normal way. Magnetic Head pulley magnapower diagramThe magnetic head pulley holds ferrous metal to its surface allowing the Ocleaned¹ product to follow its normal trajectory. Ferrous metal is held to the belt surface and carried round and under the pulley where it then discharges.

Typical Applications Include:

Fragmentiser metal recovery
Wood waste recovery
MSW metal recovery
Aluminium extrusion recycling
Incinerator Bottom Ash recovery
Glass cullet recycling
Kerbside collection separation
Fridge Recycling Plant metal recovery
Tyre Wire Separation


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