The Original Architects of Magnetic Technology

Permanent, soft and electro-magnets are a vital part of everyday life. They are found in or used to produce almost every modern convenience today. Magnetic products are the application of magnet, assembly the magnet into iron, alloy or other metal to make applied magnet. HangSeng Magnetic Technology Ltd. has been at the forefront of bringing quality magnetic products to OEMs, a Manufacturer and supplier of the most comprehensive range of permanent magnetic tools (Applied magnets) locally and internationally in 1999.

Our magnetic products serve everyone from the home hobbyist to multinational engineering firms. HangSeng Magnetech carry a complete rage of common industrial permanent magnet: SmCo, Alnico, NdFeB and Ferrite. We maximal use the shape, size and strengths of the magnet to make quality products to need the meet of our client.

Adding our engineering and manufacturing expertise to magnets has further broadened our competencies to allow fast and reliable delivery of machined parts. Our multi-level supply chain and experienced sales and engineering teams allow us to offer you a full breadth of magnetic solutions.

Learn more about our product offering on the below pages:

Permanent Magnets Pot Magnets Automotive Hardware & Home Improvement Housewares
The term permanent magnet comes from the ability of the magnet to hold an induced magnetic charge after it is removed from the magnetizing device.They can be produced in various shapes (discs, blocks, cubes, rings, rods and spheres).  

Strong, compact and flexible. Those are the quality features of our pot magnets that allow you to use them at work or at home as well as in industry and craft, in schools and universities or for hobby and leisure. We offer you different styles, so you can select the magnet that is right for your needs.

This range includes various magnetic tools for automotive market such as magnetic sweepers, magnetic pick up tools, inspection mirrors, magnetic trays etc. They are ideal for Auto-Repairing. We have a varied range of magnetic products for Hardware and Home Improvement. They range from small magnetic hooks to strong magnetic knife holders. They make your life more convenient. This range includes various magnetic products for housewares market such as magnetic clips, posting magnets, magnetic tool holders, magnetic retrieving tools, latch magnets, etc.  they meet your different need!
 Organize Magnets
 Retrieve Pick Up Magnets
 Specialty magnets

Lift / Hold



Retrieve / Pick Up


 We offers a wide range of magnetic lifer and holding magnets for lifting, inclued hook magnets, holding and retrieving magnets, permanent lifing magnet and round base magnet, etc  The category inclued magnetic hooks, ceiling magnets, organisational systems, magnetic wreath hanger, magnetic holders, clikmagnet and magnetic tool holders, etc. HSMAG offers a wide range of magnetic separation equipment for capturing, controlling and removing ferrous tramp metal contaminants from products and processing systems.  We offer a wide range of retrieve / pick up products, inclued magnetic sweepers, magnetic catches, guitar pickup magnets, door stopper, magnetic clips and so on.  Specialty products inclued magnetic ball joints, promotional magnets, name badge holder, skittle magnet, cow magnets, magnetic clasps, etc.
Industrial Magnetic Assemblies and Devices Office Supplies  Electromagnetic  Craft and Education  Magnetic Workholding
This range is for industrial use. They range from small magnetic assemblies to big material magnetic assemblies and devices, and inclued Magnetic chuck, rotor, motor parts, etc. You can find many magnetic items ideal for office here. Strong magnetic hooks, colorful magnetic clips, super magnetic push pins, various packed strong magnets etc, they meet your different need! This range is electromagnetic in different application. You can also find electromagnetic lock, electromagnetic door holder, electromagnets and electro-permanent magnetic chucks in our assortment. Are you looking for magnets for school and kids? Find them here. Magnetic tape and packed magnets can make your handicrafts magnetic, cow magnets and alnico magnets can be ideal teaching tools. This range is workholding magnet, inclued magnetic vise, magnetic lifter, magnetic chuck, magnetic v blocks, magnetic drills and so on.
 Magnetic Formwork System
 Flexible Magnets
 Magnetic Motor Parts
 Magnetic hanger systems
 Magnetic tools
Magnetic Formwork System Flexible Magnets  Magnetic Motor Parts Magnetic Hanging Systems  Magnetic Tools
Magnetic Precast Formwork Systems, Magnetic shuttering and formwork systems for precast concrete production, Precast concrete need formwork system to complete various shape. The flexible magnets category inclued magnetic tapes, magnetic sheets, rolls, advertising magnetic panels, magnetic labels, fridge magnets, soft rubber magnets, etc. We supply pre-assembled magnetic motor parts with glued permanent magnets and metal body according to customers’ requirements .  

Magnetic systems with neodymium in rubber coating for every difficult fitting works. The rubbed surface protects the metals or delicate surfaces from scratches and damages.

The magnetic tools category inclued magnetizing demagnetizing tool, magnetic holder tool, magnetic mitre clamps, magnetizer demagnetizer, magnetic pole detector, identifier etc.