Magnets in Industry

HSMAG supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies to all Industries !

HSMAG designs, produces and supplies magnets and magnetic assembly solutions to fulfil the wide ranging requirements and specifications for a huge variety of applications across all Industries. For any enquiry about magnet and magnetic assembly supply into your Industry (from samples to mass production, customised or standard), please contact us at HangSeng Magnetech by call or email for prices, lead times and technical support!
Magnets in Industry

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* Strong throughout world

* Huge magnet inventory

* Fair prices

* Customer-friendly

* Many payment methods available

The highest quality permanent magnets, neodymium magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, magnetic devices and expert application assistance for OEM, point-of-purchase, industrial and retail markets.

Why We Can Do Better 

HSMAG understand a lot of problems in the world caused by misunderstanding, here we are trying to understand you better, and offer you better service. We understand customers need not only good products in good price, but also the efficient communication service. That’s what we are always achieved.

You Should Know

Welcome to – Welcome in our World of Powerful Magnets & Magnetic Tools

…… a highly qualified technology company with the highest quality standards and customer service.

From the beginning until today the name HSMAG stands for reliability, quality, innovation and expertise in magnetic technology.

We are a major supplier of quality magnet components for military, medical, high reliability industrial, and commercial applications. We have a complete test laboratory giving us the ability to fully test and analyze our magnetic products. Our manufacturing capabilities include state of the art CNC equipment which permits exceptionally short lead times on evaluation units and production orders.

We operate to ISO 9001-2008, TS16949-2009, ISO 14001-2016 standards. Hangseng(Ningbo) Magnetech Co.,Ltd. has a reputation for solving complex design problems, supplying consistent quality, delivery and being on target with price.

The focus of our work are the application, development and production of high quality magnetic products and magnetic systems, specifically in the field of permanent magnets. We focus on research, development and production in addtion to the special skills of our staff and intensive dialogue with our customers.


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