Magnetic Drum

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Drum magnets, also called magnetic separation drums, contain two sectors – one magnetic and the other not. There is a drum which rotates around the outside of these and over which the material flows or is dropped.


The magnetic drum is a device for automatic and permanent removing of magnetic iron metals from inert materials. The permanent magnet systems simplify the separation of ferrous particles, allowing for automatic recovery without production stoppage. At the same time the magnetic drum protects the subsequent machinery (e. g., shredders, mills, grinders) from breakage. The key part of the machine consists of a half moon shaped internal magnetic nucleus (made from either ferrite or neodymium NdFeB magnets) and of an external drum from stainless steel that revolves on a shaft around the fix magnetic cores.

The magnetic drum can be placed on the output of a conveyor belt or below a hopper (unlike the magnetic pulley the magnetic drum is not an integral part of the conveyor). It is possible to deliver the magnetic drum also in a stainless steel housing with two hoppers under the case. The non-magnetic materials fall into the first hopper and the caught metal impurities are transported on the surface of the drum and fall off beyond the magnetic axis of the drum into the second hopper.


Magnetic drum is used for self-motion detaching ferromagnetic impurities or for enriching the ferromagnetic raw materials. These magnetic pulleys also be used to install on machine for remove iron automatically; for example,drum magnets installed on magnetic roll separator. Standard drum magnet and customer order both available.



Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Drum Separation, HEAVY Medium WET DRUM MAGNETIC SEPARATORS, High efficient Wet Magnetic Drum Separator, Permanent Magnet Drum Type Wet Magnetic Separator The HSCTN series wet drum magnetic separator is a countercurrent magnetic drum separation equipment specifically designed for the recovery of magnetic materials at HM (Heavy Medium) coal preparation plants. […]


Permanent Magnetic Drum Rotating Magnet

Permanent Magnetic Drum, Rotating Drum Magnet, Magnetic Head Roller, Drum Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Drum Pulley, Half Magnetic Drum Permanent Drum type Magnetic Separator is most useful for separating tramp iron from non magnetic material processed in bulk quantity, for the purity of end products, recovery of metal having commercial value and protection of processing plant and machinery. […]


Magnetic Drum Separators

Magnetic Drum Separators, Drum Magnets, Drum Magnetic Dry / Wet Separators, Permanent Magnetic Drum Ceramic-8A and Rare Earth-Neodymium Magnet Material Magnetic drum separators efficiently and completely separate iron-based material from dry, bulk products. Using a free-flowing processing system, plastic, non-magnetic metals and other materials move through a stainless-steel drum while the magnetic separator consolidates any residual iron-based metals. […]


Magnetic Drum Roller

Magnetic Drum Roller, Drum Magnet Systems, Magnetic Roller, Rotating Drum Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Drums We are offering our clients with Drum Magnet Systems that are manufactured using high grade raw material and latest technology. Our automatic systems have the capability to cover a magnetic field of over 180° at the time of separating ferromagnetic impurities from bulk material. […]


Half Magnetic Drum

Half Magnetic Drum, Magnetic Drum, Half Magnetic Drum Roller, Drum Magnets, Rotary Separator Half Magnetic Drum, also named half magnetic roller, has a half disc(180 degree) stationary magnetic section that is covered by a revolving round stainless steel shell with rotation axis. It can form an automated separating system together with electric driver motor. As one kind […]