The company HangSeng Magnetech Inc. guarantees the functionality of the magnets and magnetic products delivered, the functionality is based mainly on the strength of attraction shown in the details of each product. The method for determining the force of attraction applied is shown on our website.

In the event that the following effects will appear on our products there is no possibility for the customer to make any claims regarding the quality of the magnets and to request for refund or exchange.personal-guarantee-lease
a) Neodymium magnets

• Coating exfoliation
When neodymium magnets collide violently with each other (in both cases when it is done on purpose or not) there is the possibility of the external coating to brake or flake.
The coating can also fade and become detached even in the case of a continuous handle.

• Metal and magnetic splinter
Because of misuse is possible that magnets break. This can happen when two magnets collide uncontrollably or when they fall down. A broken magnet as a result of these causes can not be replaced and therefore is not subject to warranty.

• Loss of magnetic force due to temperature
All our neodymium magnets can be used and exposed to a maximum temperature of 80 ° C. Exposure to higher temperatures could cause decrease or loss of its magnetic force.

b) Ferrite magnets

• Information regarding the surface of ferrite magnets
Ferrite magnets are produced through a sintering process. The magnets may have small recesses or of having sharp edges due to the manufacturing process and this is not to be considered as product defect.

• Loss of magnetic force due to temperature
All ferrite magnets of our range can be used and exposed to a maximum temperature of 250 ° C. Exposure to higher temperatures could cause a decrease or loss of the magnetic force.

• Loss of magnetic force due to the use with a stronger magnet
Ferrite magnets may change their magnetic field or lose their magnetic force if put in contact with neodymium magnets because of their high magnetic field power.
It is better to keep the magnets separated with a minimum distance of 3 cm.



The magnetic properties of all permanent magnets installed by HangSeng Magnetech Co. (HSMAG) as component of a HSMAG product, or sold by HSMAG as a separate product, are guaranteed to the original purchaser for the life of the product. There should be no substantial loss of magnetism as long as the product or the magnets are used in a proper manner and for designed and intended purposes. Loss of magnetic strength due to abuse such as overheating, physical shock, electrical charge, or exposure to moisture or corrosion is exempted from the lifetime guarantee. Determination of occurrence of such abuse as a cause of any magnetic strength loss shall be within the sole discretion of HSMAG.


We want our products to exceed your expectations. To support this objective, HSMAG warrants its manufactured products and equipment to be free of defects in material and workmanship, and to conform with originally quoted specifications, and specifications for fit of printing cylinders and bases to customer-owned printing equipment, for ONE YEAR from the date of shipment to you. Particular terms of the ONE YEAR warranty are:

a) HSMAG will make corrections or remediation in response to the purchaser’s claims under the terms of this warranty by replacing any defective parts or, at HSMAG’s option, by making repairs or adjustments to any defective parts when the Purchaser does each of the following:

The Purchaser provides written notice to HSMAG of the claimed defect, the notice specifying the product’s serial number (when applicable) and date of purchase. The notice must be received by HSMAG within one year of product receipt.
The Purchaser returns the part(s) or equipment which are the subject of the claim to the appropriate HSMAG prepaid, for inspection and verification of defect.
The Purchaser accepts shipment of any replacement part(s) from the location designated by HSMAG .

b) The one year warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts. HSMAG reserves the option to provide replacement parts, whether mechanical, electrical, or electronic, that are new, or remanufactured parts tested to be equivalent to new parts in fit and function. Replacement of a part under warranty does not extend the original warranty term. The Purchaser is responsible for any incidental expenses related to installation and/or adjustment of replacement parts unless otherwise agreed to in writing by HSMAG .

c) The HSMAG one year warranty does not apply to products or parts damaged or made inoperable due to abuse, improper maintenance or repairs, misapplication, incorrect adjustments, exposure to corrosive or abrasive materials, or any modification or alteration affecting the operation of the unit which is not authorized in writing by HSMAG . Determination of such causes of abuse or damage shall be within the sole discretion of HSMAG .

d) HSMAG will not be liable beyond purchase price for any incidental or consequential damages caused by any defect in its products. Under no circumstances will HSMAG’s liability exceed the purchase price of the product(s) furnished.

e) Components not manufactured by, including items such as motors, reducers, and bearings, will only be covered by other manufacturers’warranties, if any.

f) Wear items such as conveyor belts and flexible dies are not covered by the HSMAG one year warranty.

g) The HSMAG one year warranty, in combination with the lifetime warranty on magnetic properties, are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

h) Extended warranties for specific products may be available at additional cost. Please inquire. This one year limited warranty shall not be modified except upon issuance in writing of such extended warranty.

i) The HSMAG one year limited warranty extends only to the original Purchaser and is non-transferrable.