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Our products include NdFeB Magnets, Alnico magnets, SmCo magnets, Magnetic assemblies. The products are widely used in automobile, apparatus & instruments, sensors, electroacoustic, Military Industrial, aerospace,electro-machinery, Micromotor, computer and other industry.The products are widely exported to countries around world especially South-east Asia, Europe and USA and favor deeply by the domestic and international customers.

Our Services
provides magnetic solutions to a variety of industries and applications
and helps our customers meet magnet and magnetic assembly needs in the most efficient and cost effective.

Tailor-make Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies to suit you

We can assist in the design of permanent magnet materials and magnetic assemblies that meet your requirements.Usually, we can complete custom orders within 2-4 weeks of the order.Sometime,Lead-times or depend on complexity of the job, quantity required, raw material availability.

Sourcing Support

We ensure our customers choose the right material, assist in the design and supply of standard or bespoke parts and assemblies, solving the most challenging of magnetic problems.

Purchasing Consulting

While you inquiry,for helping customers make a right choice.We will request detail product informations :
1. Size of magnets with tolerance and orientation of magnetized
2. Grade of magnetic material and magnetic properties reqested.
3. Holding power and coating or painting reqested.
4. Whether magnetizing, finish and N pole marked.
5. Quantities,quality requested and shipment items.
Then you will give the best price and leading time according to your requirements.

Beneficial Advices

Please pay more attention to following items when you use the magnets in order toavoid injury or magnetic properties deterioration:

1 When you use the magnets, you must keep the wroking environment clean; otherwise the magnets will absorb iron dust or other particles and affect its use.
2 The magnets should be fixed when you magnetize it. The magnetic field would be 2.5 times bigger than coercively force for saturatiion. Please keep away form magnetic material to avoid being demagnetized.
3 Because the magnet is very brittle. When shipping,plating and installation magnets, you should avoid carrying , striking and dashing roughly.
4 Highest working temperature reach 500℃ for alnico magnets and 200℃ for NdFeB magnet, 300℃ for smco magnets, 160℃ for bonded magnets; Make sure they are used within their highest temperature.
5 When you preserve the magnets, you should keep them dry to avoid the humidity environment making the magnets rusted.