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Bicycle Wheel Magnet for Bontrager, Cat Eye, Trek & Polar Computers

/Bicycle Wheel Magnet for Bontrager, Cat Eye, Trek & Polar Computers
  • Bicycle Wheel Magnet for Bontrager, Cat Eye, Trek & Polar Computers

Bicycle Wheel Magnet for Bontrager, Cat Eye, Trek & Polar Computers, Universal Bicycle Odometer Accessories Wheel Magnet Sports Speedometer Durable Bike Computer Part Black Silver Bike Computer, CatEye Cycle Computer Universal Wheel Magnet

Bicycle Wheel Magnet for Bontrager, Cat Eye, Trek & Polar Computers Features:
Part No. HSBSMM-01
New, high quality, easy to install, wide range of use.
Suitable for different specifications of the bicycle spoke, easy installation, not easy to drop.
It is suitable for various bicycle mileage meters, powerful magnets, and can be induced without approaching the probe.
Small, easy to install, strong magnet, easy induction bicycle odometer.
This magnet can not only make bicycle mileage accessories, but also find some uses in daily household, such as making magnet and making simple and convenient stickers on the fridge.
Product Materials: Magnets
Product Size: 1.5 * 1 * 1.5cm
Scope of application: round spokes, wide spokes, flat spokes universal

The product is relatively small, please put it in a place where children can’t reach it. To avoid eating.
Package included:
1 * code table super magnet

original sensor magnet wheel magnet repair part of cycling bicycle bike computer, Cateye universal wheel magnet.
It can fit for majority of bicycle computer model.

Speedometer magnet for Bicycle can be regarded as one of the biggest user of rare earth Neodymium magnet over the past decades, and most speedometer magnets are produced by manufacturers from Ningbo, then export to India these days. Actually, as a timeless magnet of Neodymium industry, only a few people fully understand its working principle. Bike Computer Sensor Magnets Bicycle Speedometer Magnet

The drive shaft of speedometer connects with driving gears inside the front wheel through a flexible shaft. super magnet is fixed on the drive shaft and rotate with the shaft. A metallic cup cover strong magnet which acts as coils, and there exists a certain gap between magnet and cup. Low end of speedometer’s needle fix together with metallic cup while connect with a hair spring. Hair spring will ensure help needle swing steady and reset timely.

What Is a Bike Computer?

A bike computer, also known as cyclocomputer, is a device mounted on a bicycle which calculates and displays trip information. The head unit (computer with display) is usually attached to the handlebar for easy viewing.

A bike computer may display current speed, average speed, max speed, trip time, trip distance, total distance traveled, and a current time. Advanced models may display altitude, incline, heart rate, power output, temperature, and offer functions such as pedaling cadence, stopwatch, and GPS navigation. They have become useful devices both for recreational and competitive cyclists. Bike Computer Part Durable Spoke Wheel Magnet

The head typically has one or more buttons that users can push to switch the values displayed, reset values, calibrate the unit, or turn on a backlight for the display. Some bike computer models use a wired connection between the head unit and the sensor. Others, especially those used by competitive cyclists, transmit data wirelessly.

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