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Alnico 2 Alnico II A2 Vintage Rod Magnet for Guitar Pickup

/Alnico 2 Alnico II A2 Vintage Rod Magnet for Guitar Pickup

Alnico 2 Alnico II A2 Vintage Rod Magnet for Guitar Pickup Vintage Stagger Set, Alnico II Rod Guitar Magnet Vintage Beveled Top (0.187″ / 0.195″ Diameter),  Alnico 2 Polepiece Magnets, Electric Guitar Pickup A2 Magnet, PAF AlNiCo Rod Guitar Pickup Magnets Supplier

Alnico 2 Vintage Rod Magnet for Guitar Pickup – HS-GPAR-2 with Vintage Top Fueature:

* Magnet Merial: AlNiCo 2 / Alnico II / A2
* Diameter:0.187 in / 0.195 in
* Length:0.471 in 0.630 in 0.650 in 0.665 in. 0.671 in 0.688 in 0.693 in. 0.710 in 0.719 in. 0.780 in
* Magnetizing Options:Do Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up

Alnico 2 magnets tend to generate richer mids, looser and warmer low end with softened highs. This magnet is the 2nd lowest strength magnet in the Alnico range which results in fantastic vintage dynamics and flavour. This magnet can be used in either position (Bridge or Neck) but is best used as a bridge pickup magnet where you tend to get a brighter and tighter tone naturally – the warm Alnico 2 helps tame the bite a bit. An Alnico 2 magnet will tend to get mushy and dark sounding in a neck position humbucker. This is one of my favourite bridge position magnets.

Through the P.A.F. era Alnico grade somewhat mirrors the choice of Alnico grade for P-90 pickups. Alnico 2 and Alnico 4 were commonly used in 50’s era P-90’s and it is also common to see these same magnet grades in use in P.A.F. humbucker pickups. This is only logical since the magnet size is the same for both P.A.F.’s and P-90’s. Less commonly used in a P.A.F. is Alnico 3 which is used in some early 50’s P-90’s. Alnico 5 is used in P.A.F. pickup but is less common in P-90 pickups. One interesting detail is A2 is very often used in the neck pickup of both P.A.F. humbucker pickups and P-90 single coil pickups in conjunction with Alnico 4 or Alnico 5 in the bridge. Apparently this was done to balance the neck and bridge pickups by putting the weaker A2 magnet in the neck pickup. However A2 magnets can be found in vintage bridge positions PAF’s and they sound wonderful.

Alnico magnets come in three main grades: 2, 3, and 5:
Alnico 2 traces back to the days of the 1950 Telecasters. This class seems to work well for middle-position pickups. It is known by its sweet, vintage tone, and there seem to be little disadvantages to using it.
Alnico 3 is the weakest of the three grades. It contains less cobalt, a core ingredient in the rest of the Alnico family. Because of the decrease in magnetic pull, it works wonders for neck pickups, where there is the most string vibration.
Alnico 5 is the strongest of the three alnico grades. The tone and response of the magnet is more powerful than its two cousins. This makes it perfect for bridge pickups, where there is the least vibration. If you want an aggressive, in-your-face kind of sound, Alnico 5 is your best bet. PAF AlNiCo 3 Rod Guitar Pickup Magnets Flat Top

HangSeng Magnetic supports the music industry every day by supplying high-quality alnico and ceramic magnets for every style pickup made. Select from our stock sizes, or we can produce to your exact specifications.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Merial Dimensions in Inches Magnetizing Top Style
Diameter Length
HS-GPAR-2 AlNiCo 2 0.187 / 0.195 0.471 / 0.630 / 0.650 / 0.665 / 0.671 /  0.688 / 0.693 / 0.710 / 0.719 / 0.780 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-3 AlNiCo 3 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage
HS-GPAR-5 AlNiCo 5 0.187 / 0.195 / 0.250 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat / Vintage / Modern
HS-GPAR-8 AlNiCo 8 0.187 / 0.195 Not Magnetize / North Up / South Up Flat

HS-GPAR-4  :  AlNiCo 4 also be supplied. 





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