Magnetic Water Treatment

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Magnetic Water Treatment – Water, without fail, is our most precious resource as it contains much nutrition your body needs to operate correctly. Our HSMAG Magnetic Water Conditioner will create an unlimited supply of magnetic “soft ” water. This means minerals, which have a tendency to clump together will now instead push away from each other making them smaller and as a result, easier to assimilate into your body. This is a good thing as many in the world are mineral deficient. In addition, magnetic fields also promote healing.

Neodymium magnets have application on water purifier too. Nowadays, the Sintered Neodymium Magnet and Ferrite Magnet can be used for making water purifier which plays important role in human daily life.

How does the Magnetic Water Treatment works?


As attached picture shown, while the water pass through our magnetic water device, they will be softened and magnetized.

The water with a uniformity velocity cutting magnetic lines to make the molecules, ions gained magnetic energy deformation occurs, undermining its ability to scale, magnetized water as cooling water pipes can fouling plasma calcium and magnesium become loose residue with water loss, to achieve the prevention and removal of scale effects generated scale.


Water treatment uses tremendous energy of NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet materials. optimized the product design, the formation of multi-peak vertical center field. When the fluid of water to ≥ 1.5 m / sec or vertical flow through the magnetic field, it will generate an electromotive force the lattice thinning, i.e., the raw water from the original scale of the grain particle size of about 3.39 microns to about 0.22 microns into, and the flow rate of the more fast speed, the greater the force generated effects are more desirable to achieve the scaling, cleaning purposes.While water flows through a magnetic field, the magnetic field does not leak, so that the conductivity, osmotic changes, microbial cells rupture, cells stop breeding to achieve sterilization.

The types of permanent neodymium magnetic water treatment



If you need any kind of magnetic water treatment or magnet for water purifier, please feel free to contact us, we must supply the suitable product for you. Of course, ndfeb magnets’ application are wide like magnets for motors, speaker, etc.

About Hard Water: Basically, water moves through the earth dissolving minerals, holding them in solution as salts, consisting mainly of calcium and magnesium. Most of these salts eventually deposit themselves as scale in your pipes, water heaters and other appliances which use water. Scale build-up is the result of a natural crystallization process which is accelerated by heating. The energy loss of trying to heat water through scale is substantial. A one-half inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will retard heat transfer by up to 70%.

Features of Magnetic Water Treatment:

◆ Simply installed around the outside of the piping.
◆ HSMAG contains a powerful permanent magnets, so it can be used permanently without an external power source.
◆ Improves water quality without using chemicals, so there is no worry about secondary pollution.
◆ Since it is installed outside the piping, it is maintenance free.

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