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Zinc Plating Magnets Ring-shape

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  • Zinc Plating Magnets Ring-shape

Zinc Plating Magnets Ring-shape, Rare Earth Ring Magnet, Zinc Coating Ring Sintering Neodymium-Iron-Boron Permanent Magnets, Speaker NdFeB Magnet China Manufactory

Ring-shaped Zinc Plating Magnets Features:

1. Quality system: ISO9001: 2008
2. Coating: Zn
3. Shape: Ring or according to clients’ demands
Ring neodymium magnet
1. Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron.
2. Grade: N33-N52, 33M-48M, 33H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 30UH-38UH, 30EH-35EH;
3. Excellent strength value of arc neodymium magnet: The highest (BH) max reaches up to 51MGOe.
4. Advantage of arc neodymium magnet: Extremely Resistance to demagnetization with Hci, the intrinsic coercive force is over 30000Oe.
5. Moderate temperature stability: Under 80° C for low Hci NdFeB magnet and above 200 ° C for high Hci NdFeB magnet.
6 Coating: Effective Surface treatment to prevent corrosion, such as Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni co, Zinc, gold, silver, tin(Sn), epoxy, chemical, parylene, etc.
7. Shapes and sizes of arc neodymium magnet: Various according to clients’ request

NdFeB permanent magnet is mainly used in Micro-motor, Electronic Industry, Car Industry, Petrochemical, NMR devices, Sound equipments, Maglev System, Magnetic drive and Magnetotherapy system, and its also used in Motorbikes, Car oil-duct’s magnetization, with the aim of saving oil.
Earth permanent magnet (NdFeB) has the strongest magnetism nowadays. It does not only has high remanence, high coercivity, high energy product, and high-functional, but also it can processed into a variety of sizes easily. Now, it is widely used in avigation, spaceflight, electron, electrical sound, electrical machinery, apparatus, meters, medical technology, and especially apply to develop high-performance, small and light replacements.
Our factory produce and manufacture magnets according to customer’s design on shape, dimension, grades, coatings etc.

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Product Range


Material Grade of NdFeB magnets:
Magnet N-( N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50), working temp max 80°
Magnet M-(35M, 38M, 40M, 42M, 45M, 48M), working temp max 100°
Magnet H-(35H, 38H, 40H, 42H, 45H), working temp max 120°
Magnet SH-(30SH, 33SH, 35SH, 38SH, 40SH, 42SH), working temp max 150°
Magnet UH-( 28UH, 30UH, 33UH, 35UH, 38UH), working temp max 180°
Magnet EH-(28EH, 30EH, 30EH, 33EH, 35EH), working temp max 230°

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