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Zinc Plating Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets

/Zinc Plating Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets
  • Zinc Plating Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets

Zinc Plating Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets, Customized Ultra Precision NdFeB Strong Magnet, Amazing Custom Shape Regular rare earth strong magnets, premium extremely super strong block magnet, Powerful Rare Earth Ultra-strength special-shaped magnets, bevel-cut magnets, slotted NdFeB magnet, Sintered Neodymium Magnet China Supplier

Zinc Plating Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets Specifications
Magnetization direction: axis
Surface treatment: Nickel-copper-nickel NI (black epoxy resin, gold, silver, etc.)
Product Size: Magnets are non-standard products, size needs to be customized.
Product tolerance: According to the size of the magnet, tolerance (+0.05MM,+0.1MM). More accurate tolerance can be customized (higher processing cost)
Environmental Certification: All magnets are certified by ROSH.
Features: Super magnetic force, stable magnetic performance, high cost performance.
Working temperature: up to 80 degrees Celsius
Material: rare earth ndfeb, brand: n35-n52, coating: epoxy, environmental zinc, nickel copper nickel, chromium, etc.The price is reasonable, the performance is stable, welcome you to design to sample inquiry sample quotation.

Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) is the most powerful permanent magnet in the world. Its magnetic performance is very high, and it can absorb 640 times of its own weight. The mechanical properties of NdFeB magnet are better than other magnets, and it is easier to cut, drill and process complex shapes. The disadvantage is that the temperature performance is not good, the magnetic loss is large in high temperature, and the maximum working temperature is low. Generally about 80 ℃, its maximum working temperature can reach 200 ℃. Electroless nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (AU), chromium (CR), epoxy resin (epoxy), etc. NdFeB Parallelogram Strong Magnet Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets

Our company has been engaged in the production and operation of magnets for more than fifteen years. The products have stable performance, strong magnetism and more than several thousand specifications. For its sintering, processing, coating, magnetization and a series of links have rich experience, there are special technicians responsible for its performance testing, the same specifications, give you different products. Top Hat Step Shaped NdFeB Neodymium Magnets Convex Block Shape Neodymium N42 Magnets

Magnets Factory specializes in processing special-shaped magnets, bevel-cut magnets, slotted magnets. How much is the price of special-shaped magnets? Due to the number of products and size specifications and other detailed requirements, different prices will be different. Welcome to contact us!

Note: When choosing magnets, appropriate Nd-Fe-B brand should be selected according to their working environment. If the working temperature is higher than the temperature endured by the brand for a long time, the magnets will be gradually demagnetized until no magnetism. Before ordering, please make sure that the working temperature of the magnets and the suitable material for your own use are good. Concave-convex Shape Super Strong Magnet Neo

Shape Sintered NdFeB magnets shape can customized
Material NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron)
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni, Nickel, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper etc.
Tolerance in size +/-0.05mm or +/-0.1mm
Magnetization direction Thickness, Length, axially, diameter, radially, multipolar
Grade N33-N52;N33M-N50M;N33H-N48H; N30SH-N45SH;N30UH-N40UH; N28EH-N38EH,N28AH-N35AH
Br(kgs) N35(11.8-12.2);N52(14.4-14.8);N35M(11.8-12.2);N30H(10.8-11.3); N30SH(10.8-11.2); N30UH(10.8-11.2); U30EH(10.8-11.2)
Hcj(ka/m) N35≥955;  N52≥876;   N30SH≥1353;   N33AH≥2785
TW(degrees celsius) N35≤80;    N52≤70;   N30SH≤150;   N33AH≤240
Application NdFeB neodymium rare earth permanent magnets are widely use in many different area, such as motors, sensor, speaker, rotors, alarm, microphone, wind turbines/wind generators, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on
MOQ Samples could be offered
Delivery time 3 to 10 days for sample, 10 to 30 days for order. (According to the stock information)
Certification ROHS, SGS, ISO9001


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