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Zinc Plated Ring NdFeB Tiny Magnets Ф5.0*Ф3.0*5.0mm

/Zinc Plated Ring NdFeB Tiny Magnets Ф5.0*Ф3.0*5.0mm
  • Zinc Plated Ring NdFeB Tiny Magnets

Zinc Plated Ring NdFeB Tiny Magnets Ф5.0*Ф3.0*5.0mm N45, Zn Plating affordable high-performance neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, high precision micro Neo magnets for electronics and medical applications, sensor magnets, small neodymium micro magnets,  micro Nd magnets China supplier & factory

Zinc Plated Ring NdFeB Tiny Magnets Dimension Ф5.0*Ф3.0*5.0mm, Zinc coating, Shape ring, Grade N45

(NdFeB) Neodymium, a rare earth magnet, is made up of Neodymium Iron and Boron and is moderate in price. With poor corrosion resistance, a neodymium iron boron magnet is usually plated or coated (Examples: Nickel Plated, Epoxy Coated, Parylene Coated). Neodymium magnets are offered in a range of operating temperatures depending on your application (80°C to 200°C). Premium Neodymium magnetic materials capable of operating above 120°C can become quite expensive. This permanent super magnetic material has many intellectual property rights associated with it and there are a limited number of licensed manufacturers in the world. Many infringing manufacturers from the Pacific-rim dump subpar magnetic material into the Western markets. This magnetic material is extremely powerful and it has allowed for the downsizing of many products from HDD (Hard Disc Drives) and motors to novelties and audio devices. Neodymium permanent magnets usually offer the best value when comparing price and performance.

Application fields:
miniature motor, micro-mechanical devices,optical communication, instrument and meter, medical, watch, electro acoustic, cell phone, sensor, defense, photonic etc.

We own advanced processing equipments and full set of production lines, products range can be as small as size class, 0.2 mm ~ 2.0mm, with high precision, tolerance between 0.005mm and 0.02mm. Also, we can make thickness 0.12 mm on very tiny thin ring like magnetic materials, using high electroplating technology like parylene coating and checkout equipment of projector and microscope to offer high and reliable products for our customers.

We have the ability to make small neodymium micro magnets less than 0.2 mm. Our tiny micro magnets have been used in many consumer electronics and medical applications. We carry many sizes of neodymium micro magnets in stock, but If you require a small, tiny neodymium micro magnet in a custom size, please contact us or use our online custom magnet quote form.

A neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnet), the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure. Developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available. Ring Shaped Micro Neodymium Magnets

Grades of Neodymium
N35, N38, N42, N38SH…what does it all mean? Neodymium magnets are all graded by the material they are made of. As a very general rule, the higher the grade (the number following the ‘N’), the stronger the magnet. The highest grade of neodymium magnet currently available is N52. Any letter following the grade refers to the temperature rating of the magnet. If there are no letters following the grade, then the magnet is standard temperature neodymium. The temperature ratings are standard (no designation) – M – H – SH – UH – EH. You find the temperature rating of each grade on our Specifications of Neodymium Magnets Page.

Neodymium Magnet Application
Magnet for Motors &Generators
Magnet for Sensor
Magnet for Actuator
Magnet for Louder speaker
Magnet for Water treatment softener and conditioner
Magnet for Separators
Magnet for Electric industry

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