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Zinc Plated Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole

/Zinc Plated Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole
  • Zinc Plated Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole

Zinc Plated Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole, N35SH Sintered Nd-Fe-B Elevator Traction Motor Magnets, Geared Lift Traction Machine Asynchronous Motors arc tile permanent magnet, Elevator Lift Machine Motor Magnet

Zinc Plated Arc Lift Motor Magnets With Countersunk Hole Feature:
Size Customized
Shape Arc Segment with Sink Hole
Material Nd-Fe-B N35SH
Coating Zinc
Max Working Temperature 150 deg. C
Magnetization Radial Magnetized
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Production Capacity 1000 Tons/Year

Geared Lift Traction Machine Motors are generally preferred by buildings with machine room. Various speed options are available. Geared (MR) machines lift motors are usually preferred for the elevator motor structures in the engine room.

Gearless Lift Machine motors (MRL) are available with various speed options generally as a solution for the buildings without machine room. Gearless Machine Motors commonly known as MRL elevator machine motor developed as solutions in buildings without ma

Permanent-magnet (PM) AC gearless machines have been an established technology in the European and Asian elevator industry for more than a decade. Within the last few years, PM installations and modernization applications have become increasingly prevalent in the North American market. A few reasons for their increased popularity include higher mechanical efficiency over a geared traction system, higher electrical efficiency compared with traction induction motors, DC with a motorgenerated (MG) set or hydraulic systems, reduced physical size that allows for a smaller machine room or machine-room-less (MRL) installations and low overall maintenance. These efficiency and installation aspects provide a new solution to building architects in their desire to provide building owners with lower operating costs, while maximizing square footage. N35SH Sintered Nd-Fe-B Elevator Traction Motor Magnets

Asynchronous Motors
A geared traction machine typically uses an asynchronous induction motor. The term “induction” refers to how the rotor magnetic field is generated. The sinusoidal AC current applied to a stator winding and the geometric placing of the three-phase stator windings creates a rotating magnetic field. As the magnetic field moves past the rotor bars, the magnetic flux is cut, and a voltage is induced unto the rotor bars. The induced current creates an opposing electromagnetic field on the rotor, which follows the stator. The interaction between these two fields results in mechanical torque, which, in turn, causes rotation of the rotor. Sintered Neodymium Motor Magnet N42H Epoxy Plating for DC Motor
However, for an induced voltage to be present, the magnetic flux lines across the rotor windings must be moving relative to them. If the rotor were to move at the same speed as the stator field, there would be no change in magnetic flux across the rotor bars, and therefore no induced voltage on the rotor and no induced field. The result is no torque production. So, the rotor must be moving at a speed asynchronous to the stator.

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