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Yellow Painted Super Strong NdFeB Hook Magnets

/Yellow Painted Super Strong NdFeB Hook Magnets
  • Yellow Painted Super Strong NdFeB Hook Magnets

Yellow Painted Super Strong NdFeB Hook Magnets, High Powerful Neodymium Magnetic Hooks, Strong Magnetic Mounting Hooks, Office Hook Magnets, Fridge Hook Magnets for Home Decoration

NdFeB Hook Magnets Part No.: HSCMH-04
Color:  Yellow
Material Type: Metal Steel + Neodymium Magnet
Measure: 1 1/2″ in diameter
Powerful magnetic hooks lend you a strong hand by holding up to 20 pounds each!
Free up more wall and bulletin board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces
Great for hanging pocket charts, flipbooks, decorations, hall passes, and more.

1.Because of its super strong magnetic force,draw them close to each other slowly and gently,
when connecting two magnetic hooks, hard crushing would cause damage and cracks in the magnet inside.
2.Please slide and push the magnetic hooks one by one to avoid breaking them, when you try to make the magnetic hooks apart.
Strong magnetic hooks, please take care.
3.Make sure the magnetic hooks are out of reach children and pets, it is not a TOY, and small magnets will pose a choking hazard.
4.Watch your fingers, as they are very strong magnetic hooks,
which are difficult to pull apart and fly together quickly from far away,so it is very easy to pinch fingers between attracting poles.
5.Keep the magnetic hooks far way from medical devices, electronic products,and magnetic media, as our magnetic hooks have strong magnetic fields which may affect andor disrupt the functioning of these medical devices,electronic products,and magnetic media.
6.Magnets are fragile, they can crack, chip, or shatter if allowed to slam against each other.
so make sure handle with care, eye protection glasses should be worn when handling magnets, due to launching of small magnetic pieces at high speeds if shattering occurs.  Green Powerful Neodymium Hook Magnet

Other sizes, shapes and grades of NdFeB Hook Magnets may be available by special request. Please contact us for a quotation or more information. Call Us Today!

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Product Range

Part No. Color Size
HSCMH-01 Red 1 1/2″  diameter
HSCMH-02 Blue 1 1/2″  diameter
HSCMH-03 Green 1 1/2″  diameter
HSCMH-04 Yellow 1 1/2″  diameter
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