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Whiteboard & Fridge Multipurpose Magnets

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  • Whiteboard & Fridge Multipurpose Magnets

Whiteboard & Fridge Multipurpose Magnets, plastic coated neodymium magnet cube super strong push pin magnets, 25 mm (1 Inch) Memo, Planning, Whiteboard & Fridge Magnets, Strong Magnets Fridge Memo Magnet Push Pin Skittle Notice Board For Teaching, Memo Magnets Strong Fridge Magnets Round Board Office Disk Magnet

Whiteboard & Fridge Multipurpose Magnets Parameter:
1. Part Name: Office Neodymium Magnet
2. Material:Neodymium Magnet N38 + A3 steel + ABS engineering Plastic
3. Size: D25mm(Diameter) * 6mm(Total Height)
4. Vertical Pull-force:1.3kg Horizontal Pull-force:0.3KG on base of 10mm steel plate
5. Max Working Temperature: 80 degrees

These multipurpose home magnets or office magnets are perfect for holding sheets of paper, notes, photos or postcards on the refrigerator, whiteboards, filing cabinets and all other magnetic surfaces.

Neodymium Magnets are one of the rare earth magnets and are the Most powerful permanent magnets in the World. They are also referred to as NdFeB Magnets because they are composed Mainly of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B). These Magnets are extremely strong for their Small Size and are metallic in appearance.

Neodymium Magnets have a very High Resistance to Demagnetization. Corrosive-Resistant Surface Finish in order to endure harsh environmental conditions.This makes them perfectly suited for various industrial applications. Neodymium Magnets are brittle and may Chip or Shatter, but if Used Correctly They Should Last a Lifetime.

Here at HSMAG we pride ourselves in specialising in everything that you require to either write display or present content in both a working and home environment. Coupled with our fantastic products we also provide all the accessories that you will need to scribble away with ease. That’s not everything, all products come with free delivery, plus if your not happy we have a hassle free returns policy on everything that we sell here at HSMAG .

HSMAG take great pride in the products we provide, from Whiteboards of all sizes, Snap Frames to Reusable dry erase pockets. As we design the vast majority of our products ourselves this has a huge benefit in us being able to have full control over all aspects of the quality and manufacturing procedures that we facilitate right from the start to the time it is delivered to your door.

1. The magnetic pull force 1.3KG was tested using a computer-controlled tensile tester, it is the vertical pull-force which make the fishing magnet pull way from the plastic plate 10mm thickness under ideal condition. The actual pull force will vary mainly depending on the following variables:
a: Plastic thickness (The thinner the steel, the lower the pull force), 1.3KG vertical magnetic pull force was got on base of 10mm thickness plastic coated
b: Pulling direction (The bigger of the pulling direction beyond 90°, the lower the pull force, normally the Pull force in horizontal direction is only about one third of that in vertical direction )
c: Attracting position (The farther beyond the center of gravity, the lower the pull force). In addition, iron chips of magnetic surface also reduce the pull-force of magnet at some extent.
2. Magnet just only attract iron , ferrous metal and nickel, do not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminums and their alloy and stainless Steel
3. Magnetic force concentrates on the bottom of the fishing magnet, there is hardly any magnetic force of other surfaces . Super Strong Memo Magnets

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