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White Wipe-off Labelling Magnets 70mm x 40mm

/White Wipe-off Labelling Magnets 70mm x 40mm
  • White Wipe-off Labelling Magnets 70mm x 40mm

White Wipe-off Labelling Magnets 70mm x 40mm, Flexible Pre-cut Write-on Magnetic Wipe-off Labels, PVC Magnetic Card Label Holder For Warehouse & Home, Magnetic Pocket Range, Magnetic wall pockets, A4 magnetic C and U-channel rubberised label holder strips, magnetic office/whiteboard accessories and labelling products China suppliers

White Wipe-off Labelling Magnets 70mm x 40mm
Weight 15 gm
Style Magnetic Labels White
Coating PVC White
Direction of Magnetisation Magnetised on the brown backing
Dimensions Thickness:0.8mm, Width:70mm, Length:40mm

These labelling magnets have a width of 70mm, a length of 40mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. This magnetic label has a gloss white PVC coating suitable for handwritten.

Uses for our handy Magnetic Labels:
Supply chains include road and rail freight, air and ocean transport for goods of all kinds. End to end tailor made globally integrated logistics systems subject every separate piece of cargo transported to sophisticated computerised tracking and communication networks and mass transportation systems.

And yet, these 70mmx40mm magnetic labels are sometimes afforded pride of place on individual pieces of cargo. Why? Why is the simplest, cheapest most ancient form of messaging, a hand written note, still around after a hundred years and counting of the wildest revolutions in transportation and communications the world will ever see? The answer is simple. The first ever hand written note worked, and they still do.

Magnetic labels attach by bond, gentle secure 100% grab, and simple peel away release with zero material penalty to surfaces attached, these labels express a permanent and erasable surface to be marked spontaneously or altered as the need arises. Magnetic labels once attached to a piece of cargo follow it like a blood hound, crossing borders, oceans, airspaces, changing languages and cultures with a simple swipe wipe write or rewrite routine everyone loves.

Cargo with a particular requirement can be earmarked in this neat way and expressed in symbols or in languages into which they are bound. These labels can be easily repositioned or re-recorded in transit and in situ. With all the developments afforded by the revolutions to communication and transportation technologies, one little piece of ancient technology has survived. A helpful note left from one person to another.

Use this .8mm magnetic label to identify your inventory and stock. It has a write-on wipe-off label surface for shelving and racking at your factory, office or home. They can be applied to flat or curved surfaces.

Marine craft and motor homes often have plumbing and electrical systems that differ in operation or servicing from the ones at home. Magnetic labels can be easily attached to curved surfaces like hot water units or electrical housings and the wipe, swipe, write or rewrite surface is ideal for white board marking pens that can spell out safe operation protocols in any language. Warehouse White PVC Magnetic Labels 200mm x 25mm

Magnetic labels, including these white, 250mmx100mm models are a no regrets method of messaging made simpler and cleaner through the agency of magnetic bond. The soft grab and peel away release leaves no soiling residue of any kind leaving surfaces affixed by this method looking like the day they left the factory. The method is bond. Magnetic bond.  White Write-on Magnetic Labels 100mm x 30mm

Our pre-cut magnetic labels are ideal to mark and organise your shelves and stock. These labels can be stamped, slit, punched and laminated, and provide a write-on wipe-off label surface for shelving and racking at your warehouse, office or home. Our magnetic labels can be applied to flat and curved surfaces. White Rubber Magnetic Card Label Holder 313mm

If you require any more information about our Magnetic Pockets and Card Holders, please contact our HSMAG sales team.

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