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Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

/Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
  • Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Wet Drum Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Drum Separation, HEAVY Medium WET DRUM MAGNETIC SEPARATORS, High efficient Wet Magnetic Drum Separator, Permanent Magnet Drum Type Wet Magnetic Separator

The HSCTN series wet drum magnetic separator is a countercurrent magnetic drum separation equipment specifically designed for the recovery of magnetic materials at HM (Heavy Medium) coal preparation plants. Our wholly sealed magnet system is created through the combination of ferrite and rare earth magnetic steel. Cleverly designed, this magnetic separation system can effectively direct the optimized flow of mineral slurry.

Harnessing the magnetic force generated by the permanent magnet system, reactive minerals are attracted to the surface of the drum and then tumbled within the drum. After the magnetic attraction has been neutralized, gravity kicks in, allowing the scraper to effectively remove magnetized materials. Non-magnetic materials are discharged through the bottom chute.

The duo-drum magnetic separator utilizes a modular structure for convenient transportation and installation. The machine can readily adapt to changing material flow capacity, concentration, and other varying parameters. Valid granular separation size ranges between 0 to 3 mm. Simple in structure but large in processing capacity, our magnetic drum separator is both user friendly and easy to maintain. The ideal magnetic drum should be chosen based on processing conditions and raw material characteristics.

Wet Drum Separator , Drum Magnetic Separator
The materials are uniformly fed to the belt. When materials go through the permanent magnetic drum, the non-magnetic and low-magnetic particles will leave the belt surface because of the centrifugal force and gravitation. Meanwhile, strong-magnetic particles are absorbed to the belt by magnetic force and then fall into the magnetic trough when the belt leaving the magnetic pulley.  electromagnetic separator for dry powder

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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model Drum
density mT
Processing capacity
(Mineral pulp
concentration 30%)
Appearance size
A*B*C mm
Drum rotary
HSCTN1012 1050 1200 150-300 50-160 2650*2170*1705 3 2600 21
HSCTN1015 1500 70-200 2965*2170*1705 4 3200
HSCTN1018 1800 90-260 3265*2170*1705 4 3700
HSCTN1021 2100 120-300 3715*2170*1705 5.5 4200
HSCTN1024 2400 150-400 4015*2170*1705 5.5 4900
HSCTN1027 2700 180-350 4315*2170*1705 5.5 5500
HSCTN1030 3000 230-400 4835*2170*1705 7.5 5900
HSCTN1218 1200 1800 150-300 130-320 3265*2380*1935 5.5 4300 16
HSCTN1224 2400 190-380 4015*2380*1935 7.5 5600
HSCTN1230 3000 280-460 4835*2380*1935 7.5