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Washing Machine Electric Motor Magnets N45H

/Washing Machine Electric Motor Magnets N45H
  • Washing Machine Electric Motor Magnets N45H

Washing Machine Electric Motor Magnets N45H, Twisted Permanent Nd Magnets for Industrial Motors, Twisting shaped arc tile industrial motor magnet, Super Strong Rare Earth Sintered NdFeB Segment Magnets China Factory

Washing Machine Electric Motor Magnets N45H Feature:
Size Customized
Shape Twisting Twisted Arc Segment
Material Nd-Fe-B N45H
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni
Max Working Temperature 150 deg. C
Magnetization Radial Magnetized
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Production Capacity 1000 Tons/Year

Understanding permanent magnets / rare earth magnets and how their application can play into the innovative devices of today’s markets is the foundation of our business. MPCO’s long history of magnetic expertise – including supporting all patent, trademark and license requirements of magnets – allows us to partner with you to deliver the permanent magnet product for your needs. Zn Plated Neodymium Arc Segment Magnet 42UH
The term permanent magnet comes from the ability of the magnet to hold an induced magnetic charge after it is removed from the magnetizing device.

A powder metallurgy process is used in producing sintered Neodymium magnets. Although sintered Neodymium is mechanically stronger than Samarium Cobalt magnets and less brittle than other magnets, it should not be used as a structural component. Selection of Nd-Fe-B is limited by temperature due to its irreversible loss and moderately high reversible temperature coefficient of Br and Hci. The maximum application temperature is 200 °C for high coercivity grades. Nd-Fe-B magnets are more prone to oxidation than any other magnet alloys. If Nd-Fe-B magnet is to be exposed to humidity, chemically aggressive media such as acids, alkaline solutions salts and harmful gases, coating is recommended. It is not recommended in a hydrogen atmosphere.

Packaging & Shipping of Customized Arc Neodymium Magnet N35SH Twisted Permanent Magnets for Industrial Motor
1.White inner box.
2.Suitable carton size.
3.Anti-magnetized packaging.
4.We will suggest the best solution of shipment for your reference according to order quantityes.

rhombus shape
car shape gift box
octangle shape
shoe shaped glass
paper mache shapes
shaped liquor bottles
pyramid shape
egg shaped container
lip shape

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