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Vertical High Intensity Magnetic Separator

/Vertical High Intensity Magnetic Separator
  • Vertical High Intensity Magnetic Separator

Vertical High Intensity Magnetic Separator, Double Vertical Ring High Intensity Magnetic Separator, High Intensity Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator, High intensity vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator, High Gradient Iron Separator for Hematite

The HS-LHGC series vertical high intensity magnetic separator is ideal for processing weakly magnetic minerals, such as -1.2mm (30%~100%-200mesh) red iron ore. These include kaolin, quartz, hematite, limonite, siderite, chromites, wolfram, and feldspar.

Through the closed-loop cycling of oil as a potent form of cooling, this range of mineral processing equipment is able to quickly and effectively disperse heat, achieving stability at a temperature equal to or below 30℃. Tried and true, this cooling technique is both safe and reliable.

Unlike water-cooled magnetic separators, our high intensity magnetic separation system is easy to install and does not clog up the pipe or pollute the environment. In effect, the introduction of oil-cooling has made the conventional water-cooling method obsolete.

Completely integrated, our separator’s cooling system is fitted as part of the actual machine. The compact nature of this device makes it easy to install, operate, and maintain.

The exciting coil for our high intensity magnetic separator is processed via advanced solid-cast insulation and can be emerged entirely in pressure machine oil. It has a greatly improved service life and possesses exceptional resilience against dust, moisture, and corrosion. The coil implements a stereometric winding structure that is designed to allow for smooth oil passage and disperse heat effectively via a large surface area. neo cylinder halbach array assemblies

The patented magnetic medium for this vertical magnetic separation equipment was developed independently by our company and is capable of generating a high gradient force field with an intensity of up to 2T.

Vertical High Intensity Magnetic Separator Work Principle:

High Intensity Wet Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator ,Magnetic yoke fixed on the machine frame, which generate the strong magnetic field together with exciting coil. Rotary ring is in the clockwise drived by the rotary device, and goes through the magnetic field slowly. There are many separation boxes on the outer circle of the rotary ring , there is the multi-layer magnetic medium which is made of magnetic material inside the separation box. When the rotary ring goes through the magnetic filed, it would be magnetized, and formed the high gradient magnetic field. In the mineral processing, the mine slurry goes into the rotary ring along with the gap of the magnetic pole, and the magnetic particle would be attracted in the magnetic medium surface, revolving to the non-magnetic area. The magnetic particle would be put into the fine tank, and the nonmagnetic material goes into the tailing tank along the lower magnetic yoke gap.

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