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Various Shape Custom Injection Molded NdFeB Magnet

/Various Shape Custom Injection Molded NdFeB Magnet
  • Various Shape Custom Injection Molded NdFeB Magnet

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Various Shape Custom Injection Molded NdFeB Magnet Part No. HSIMM-22
Material: injection-molded Nd-Fe-B
Number of magnetizing poles: radial multipole
Purpose: Injection ndfeb magnetic steel

This product is injection ndfeb magnet with a magnetic force of about 1300gs.

Introduction of Injection Molded Injection NdFeB Magnet;
Injection-moulded NdFeB is a new composite material which is made of NdFeB magnetic powder and plastic (nylon, PPS, etc.) macromolecule material by special technology.

Characteristics of injection moulded Nd-Fe-B magnets;
With the addition of rare earth elements, the magnetic force is higher than that of the injection ferrite. It has more than one mould, uniform density and good magnetic field consistency. It can not only magnetically multistage magnetically, but also magnetically coated powder with magnetic flux.

The Injection magnets can be processed into thin-walled ring, rods, slice and various special complex shapes (such as: steps, damping trough, holes, pins, and more

Injection-moulded Nd-Fe-B magnets are mainly used.
Injected Nd-Fe-B magnetic rings are mostly used in automotive parts, high-grade air conditioning motor, permanent magnet stepping motor and other products. Welcome customers to inquire!

Injection NdFeB magnet
product description:
1. Material: NdFeB
2. Grade: L240, L250, L260, L270, N230, N260, N270,N280S
3. Shape: sheet
4. Dimension: customized dimension
5. Application: Widely used in door locks in automotive motors, sensors and high-end household appliances, such as washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, fan.
The digital field: computer, mobile phone, camera, recreational machines, etc.
The household appliances: refrigerators, drinking water machine.
Competitive price, good service, good quality will be for you.
It has excellent resistance to alcohol, abluent and water. Custom Injection Molded Nd-Fe-B Magnets

According to the requirement of the client. Injection Plastic Magnetic Rotor 8 Poles

These magnets can be made into various complex shapes with adding initiative axis and inserts in the manufacturering procedure to meet customer’s requirements. Injection Plastic NdFeB Magnet for Rotor

No. Size(mm) Surface Gauss Pole
900401400057-59 d22×d8×d16×3.5×3×4.5 800-1000GS\850±50GS\850±50GS 2\6\12
900401400056 d30×d6.2×11×8×9.7 10
900401400051 d38×25.4×14.5×7 1600±100GS 8
900401400048 d20×7.5 16
900401400046 13×10×5 500-550GS 4
900401400043 d20×d12×d10.7×5 3±0.05mm200+100/-30GS 6
900401400038 d26×d16×d18×4.5 >650GS 8
900401400031 d23.4×d10×9.6 1500±100GS 8
900401400029 d40×d24×6×23×22 >500GS
900401400028 d18.15×d2.80×6.85×7.7×6.2 1300-1450GS 8
900401400027 d29×d2409×d25.1×10
900401400026 d31×d24.7×5.7
9004010400025 d23×d9.8×9 >1500GS\>4200mT-deg 8
900401400023/900401400024/900401400047 d22×d8.1×3 >950GS\>800GS\>850GS 2\6\8
900401400020-22/900401400042 d15×d8.1×5 >1000GS\>1000GS\>800GS\>950GS 2\6\12\8

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