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The user friendly GYW series vacuum permanent magnetic filter features high efficiency and a large capacity. Designed for low energy consumption and a stable working performance, the drum type vacuum permanent magnetic filter can be utilized for top feed and the dehydration of strong magnetic materials in coarse particles.

Working Principle:

GYW series vacuum permanent magnetic mineral water filter is an outer filtering surface drum permanent magnetic vacuum filter for supplying top part, mainly used for the dewatering of coarse granule magnetic materials. Strontium ferrite permanent magnetic system is installed inside the drum, which can quickly adsorb magnetic granule to the surface of filter cloth. Magnetic filter is mainly used for the dewatering of magnetic mineral ore pulp with coarse granularity. Because of feeding for the top part, this makes the effect of the demixing of the concentrate in filter cake more obvious. When magnetic concentrate forms filter cake, granule affects by the gravity and magnetism, coarse granule concentrate moves much faster than fine particle concentrate; fine particle touches filter cloth first, so air permeability of filter cake is good. Magnetic granules in ore pulp scatter on the drum surface because of the attraction of magnetism, and bring magnetic agitation because of the polarity change of magnetic system. All of these become the advantages of the dewatering of filter cake, and makes filter cake thick and own good air permeability, improving productivity markedly. Its efficiency improves over three times than other drum vacuum filters with the same specification. recycling dry magnetic separator


The specific magnetizing coefficient of solid particles in the ore slurry is lower than 3000×10-6c/g, the granularity of granule is 0.15-0.8mm, the feeding density is 60%.

This machine is vacuum permanent magnet filter which is feeding upwards, filtering outside and cylinder type. It is mainly suitable for dehydration of the relatively coarse-particles magnetic materials.

How Does Vacuum Permanent Magnetic Filter Work

1. Strontium ferrite permanent magnetic system inside of the cylinder makes the magnetic particles be adsorbed rapidly onto the fabric surface
2, The upper feeding makes the stratification effect of the concentrate filter cake according to the granularity more obvious
3, Good permeability of the filter cake
4. Magnetic particles in the slurry distribute on the surface of the cylinder in radial pattern because of the magnetic attraction. And the change of polarity magnetic system makes a magnetic stirring effect

1, the susceptibility of solid particles in the slurry is no less than 3000 × 10-6cm3/g
2, the particle size is 0.15-0.8mm,
3, feeding concentration ≥ 60%

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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model No. GYW-3 GYW-5 GYW-8 GYW-12 GYW-20
Filtering area (m2) 3 5 8 12 20
Drum Diameter (mm) 1600 2000 2000 2000 1550
Length (mm) 700 900 1400 2000 1650
rotating speed (r/min) 0.5~2.0
vacuum degree (kpa) 60~80
swept volume (m3/min) 0.5~2.0
blast pressure (kpa) 10~30
blast volume (m3/min) 0.2~0.4
Magnetic field intensity (GS) 820GS 870GS
ore density ≥60%
Capacity(t/h) 6-9 14-18 22-45 33-65 54-108
Moisture 8%-11% 5%-15%
Weight (t) 3.565 3.935 4.754 5.420 6.550
Motor Model No. Y100L-6 Y112M-6 Y132M1-
Power (kw) 1.5 2.2 4
Speed (r/min) 940 960
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