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Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175 / 300 lbs Pull

/Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175 / 300 lbs Pull
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Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175-300 lbs Pull, Fishing Magnets, Super-strong Retrieving Magnetic Tool, Fisherman’s Magnet, Holding Retrieval Magnet, Multi purpose magnetic holding & pickup tool, Underwater Lifting Retriever Magnet, Hold-fast Marine Underwater Recovery Magnet China Supplier

Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175 / 300 lbs Pull Features:

  • Super-strong magnet lifts up to 300 lbs.!
  • Great for retrieving tools, tackle boxes, keys, etc. at any depth from lakes, ponds, streams or other waterways
  • Hundreds of industrial and household uses
  • Corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel frame
  • Maintenance free
  • Highest Strength Grade C8 Ceramic Permanent Magnet
  • 5″/127mm X 6″/152mm Face
  • Weight – 6lbs.

Retrieving Magnets Applications:
Law Enforcement
Boaters & Fishermen
Scavenger Hunters
Dock Workers & Contractors
Coast Guard
Park Rangers

Also known as a boat magnet, dock magnet, or pier magnet, our Underwater Retrieving Magnet helps to retrieve lost tools, fishing gear, weapons, and equipment at any depth! Just hang the Underwater Retrieving Magnet off your local dock and see what treasures you can find!

These permanently charged lifting magnets work great for retrieving metal objects from under water. Simply attach a rope to the magnet’s eyebolts to retrieve tools, firearms, boat motors, fishing tackle, and more. Can also be used to hold wiring and suspend cords or lights. Multiple applications for above or below surface. Strong Magnet Retrieving Tool 175 Lb. Pull Recovery Cleanup Marine

This versatile retrieving magnet is a great tool around any shop, garage, septic tank, pool or ranch.
Easily retrieve lost fishing gear, separate scrap iron from waste or clear your garage of nails, screws and sharp metal after your next project! Whatever the application, you can attach your own choice of line or the retrieving magnet can be easily mounted to your wall or workbench as a holdfast.
Retrieve metal objects from tanks and waterways
Separate scrap metal from waste
Includes eye bolt for rope attachments
Remove eyebolt and replace with a threaded rod to use as a pick-up tool

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Product Range

Part No. Lifting Power Size Weight
HRM-R175 175 lbs. 6″/152mm long x 2″/50mm wide x 1″/25mm high 3 lbs.
HRM-R300 300 lbs. 6″/152mm long x 2″/50mm wide x 2″/50mm high 6 lbs.
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