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Uncoated Flexible Magnetic Rolls

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Uncoated Flexible Magnetic Rolls, Flexible Uncoated Magnetic Sheeting, Flexible Magnetic Rolls, Un-laminated Magnetic Sheet Roll, China Flexible Magnetic Roll

Uncoated Flexible Magnetic Rolls Feature:
Part No.: HSFMMR-02
Basic bulk rolls of magnetic sheeting are uncoated and dark brown on both sides. One side is magnetized (strong side) and the other is not (weak side). Standard rolls are 24.375″ and 42″ wide (+/- .060″) by 10, 25 or 50 feet long. Standard Thicknesses range from .012″ to .060″, (+/- .003″) All magnet thickness measurements are taken before laminates are applied. The thicker the flexible magnet, the stronger it is.

Flexible magnetic sheeting can be laminated with a variety of high quality topcoats that are typically applied to the non-magnetic (weak) side. Powerful adhesives keep the laminates in place. The most frequently used laminates are vinyls or paper, depending on the required function of the magnet.

.012″, .015″ and .020″ – Ideal for advertising specialties; lowest cost and weight.
.030″ – Recommended for vehicle signage; strong enough for wind sheer at highway vehicle speeds.
.060″ – Customer preference for applications requiring higher strength and thicker profile.

Uncoated Flexible Magnetics are generally used as a two step process. First the graphic is printed and then it is applied to the weak side of magnet with a separate two side adhesive layer.

Thickness Pull / Sq. Ft. Typical Uses Benefits
12 Mil 30 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
15 Mil 40 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
20 Mil 60 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
30 Mil 85 lbs. Vehicle Signage Won’t blow off vehicles at highway speeds
60 Mil 145 lbs. Crafts, shelf labeling, indoor/ outdoor signs High-strength, thicker profile
Note: Peel strength not rated.

Rubber Magnet Sheet Rolls Used for Whiteboards, Car doors, Specials, Holding papers in Offices, Menu systems, priority work boards and lots more. Great for use on Factory schedule boards, changing orders etc. Many clients apply printed numbers on magnets, words etc and place onto pallet racking. Extra height allows isle end signs to be easily changed depending on storage for that month. Example> use at the end of pallet racking for ever changing parts and stock levels. Easy to change, screw a metal plate to each end of your pallet racks, then when new stocks arrive, you can easily know where to put them. Easy.

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