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Ultra-precision Neodymium Strong Hexagonal Magnets

/Ultra-precision Neodymium Strong Hexagonal Magnets
  • Ultra-precision Neodymium Strong Hexagonal Magnets

Ultra-precision Neodymium Strong Hexagonal Magnets, Amazing Custom Shape Regular hexagon rare earth strong magnets, premium extremely super strong hexagonal magnet, Powerful Rare Earth ultra-strength Special Shaped NdFeB magnet, Sintered Neodymium Magnet China Supplier

Ultra-precision Neodymium Strong Hexagonal Magnets Specifications
Grade: N35, N38, N40, n42, N45, N48, N50, n52
Size: Custom
Magnetism direction: Thickness
This product is regular hexagonal NdFeB magnet, size, performance, coating can be customized according to your needs.Welcome to send your drawings to us for evaluation, quotation and customization.

Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) is the most powerful permanent magnet in the world. Its magnetic performance is very high, and it can absorb 640 times of its own weight. The mechanical properties of NdFeB magnet are better than other magnets, and it is easier to cut, drill and process complex shapes. The disadvantage is that the temperature performance is not good, the magnetic loss is large in high temperature, and the maximum working temperature is low. Generally about 80 ℃, its maximum working temperature can reach 200 ℃. Electroless nickel (Ni), zinc (Zn), gold (AU), chromium (CR), epoxy resin (epoxy), etc.

Our company has been engaged in the production and operation of magnets for more than fifteen years. The products have stable performance, strong magnetism and more than several thousand specifications. For its sintering, processing, coating, magnetization and a series of links have rich experience, there are special technicians responsible for its performance testing, the same specifications, give you different products.

1. Product performance: N35-N52 N35M-N52M N35H-N45H N35SH-N45SH N35UH-N42UH

2. Product shape: various circles, squares, rings, tiles, trapezoids, various special shapes, etc. Can be customized according to the requirements of processing!

3. Main uses: magnets for toys, packaging boxes, bags, leather goods, electronic products, mobile phones, electroacoustic products, motors, motors, instruments, stationery, logo, handicraft, gifts, clothing accessories, invisible magnetic buttons and invisible magnetic buttons.

4. Surface treatment: white zinc, blue zinc, multicolor zinc, nickel, nickel, copper and nickel, silver, gold and epoxy plating.

5. Welcome customers from home and abroad to visit us at any time. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and creating brilliance in the principle of mutual benefit. Powerful Thin Regular Hexagon Neodymium Magnet

HSMAG is the premier on-line magnet store for purchasing high-quality, permanent and rare-earth magnets. We can manufacture permanent magnets to your exact specifications in just a few weeks in prototype or production quantities, whether you require a complex assembly, or just a plain magnet in a size that we currently don’t stock. We will always operate confidentially. Made-to-order magnets that have been manufactured by HSMAG are used by blue chip companies and industry leaders in some of the most demanding applications. Custom Shape Regular Hexagonal Block NdFeB Magnet

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