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Ultra High Power Magnetizer & Demagnetizer

/Ultra High Power Magnetizer & Demagnetizer

Ultra High Power Magnetizer & Demagnetizer

Ultra-high-power magnetizer & demagnetizer uses ultra-high voltage (3500V or more) and large capacitance, mainly used in medium and large size rare-earth permanent magnet materials for magnetization and demagnetization (NdFeB, samarium cobalt, etc.).

Technical parameters as follows:

Input voltage 380V±20V,40A
Output voltage 500-3500V Continuously adjustable
Biggest pulse current 20000-40000A
Magnetizes the cycle 5-15Second
Electric capacity 2000-10000uF
Electric circuit control SCR(Silicon control trigger circuit)

Magnetizing coil generated the largest magnetic field:

All the color lines magnetizing coil can magnetize the following materials. dx pulse smart magnetizer demagnetizer
Green: ferrite
Red: Sm1Co5(1-5 series SmCo magnet )
Blue: Sm2Co17(2-17 series SmCo magnet) and NdFeB

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