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U-profile MagSwing Shuttering Magnetic System

/U-profile MagSwing Shuttering Magnetic System
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MagSwing Shuttering Magnetic System, U-profile Magnetic Shuttering System, MagSwing Shuttering Magnetic System, shuttering magnet U60 without chamfer / with 1 chamfer / with 2 chamfers, Magnetic Formwork System, Magnetic Edge Formwork with different length

Shuttering Magnetic System – Switchable stopper for prefabricated ceilings and double walls.
MagSwing shuttering system consist of a U-profile, in which a number of magnets depending on the length. Due to a special patented design, these magnets can be activated and deactivated. In contrast to conventional systems, a button for detaching thre magnets is not necessary. The magnets “disappear” into the stopper which results in a smooth surface.

U-profile magnetic system is a shuttering system for prefabricated ceilings, double walls and special elements. The integrated magnets are mounted by means of a special patented construction in such a way that they can be activated by simple pressure of the hand or foot. To deactivate them, the magnets are simply filted within the U-profile by means of a release mechanism. In the inactive position, the magnetic system can then be easily removed from the table form.

In contrast to conventional systems, with this option no knob is necessary for releasing the magnet. Instead the magnets and switching mechanisms disappear into the profile. Depending on the client’s requirements, U-profile shuttering magnetic system can be produced in different dimensions with or without lateral chamfers.

The U-profile can be manufactured in different sizes, with or without lateral mitres.

-Shuttering system for ceilings, walls and special parts
-High holding power due to powerful and proven HangSeng magnet technology
-Activation of magnets by simple pressing with hand or foot
-Direct force closure between shuttering, magnet and table due to force-closed connection of magnet and U-profile
-Easy removal over the mirror-smooth surface through sinkable magnets
-Available in all standard shapes, lengths and shuttering heights

To round off our range of products we naturally also offer U-profiles with integrated magnets, which are switched by means of a knob.  Each system can be produced in different dimensions with or without lateral chamfers according to the client’s requirements. please contact us by Call Us Today! 86-574-27667267 or Send EMAIL

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Product Range



We produce according to customer specification. Please enquire.

Part No. Magnets I (mm) B (mm) H (mm) weight(kg)
MMSS-500 1 500 60 70 8.5
MMSS-750 1 750 60 70 9.7
MMSS-1000 2 1000 60 70 17
MMSS-1500 2 1500 60 70 19.5
MMSS-2000 2 2000 60 70 22
MMSS-2500 2 2500 60 70 24.5
MMSS-3000 3 3000 60 70 33
MMSS-3500 3 3500 60 70 35.5
MMSS-4000 3 4000 60 70 38
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