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Two-Way Search Neodymium Magnets 100kg

/Two-Way Search Neodymium Magnets 100kg
  • Two-Way Search Neodymium Magnets 100kg

Two-Way Search Neodymium Magnets 100kg Pull Force, Double-sides Search Neodymium Permanent Pot Magnet, Retrieving and Holding Magnets, Super Strong Fishing Magnets, countersunk screw fastened ndfeb SEARCHING MAGNETS, Search and Recovery Magnets China Supplier Manufacturer

Two-Way Search Neodymium Magnets 100kg Parameter

Part No.: HSPNS-F100*2
Diameter D – 48 mm
Height H – 22 mm
Pull power: 100 kg
Weight: 0.34 kg
The 2 threads of bolts: M10 and M10
Two-way Eyebolts included.
With galvanized body
Magnet material: NdFeB
Magnet shape: Pot, cylinder, ring
Magnet coating: Nickel (ni-cu-ni)
Max. work temperature: +80℃

Recent technological advances have added to the arsenal fans hobby metal detector original search tool to search for retrieval magnets Of various types. There are several types of search magnets. This is a very powerful permanent magnets and they are considered as equipment for the detection of ferromagnetic objects.the magnets searching for truth.

Since magnetic fishing has little in common with conventional fishing, it is enticing for beginners to spontaneously go off and “eject” their magnet. In fact, it makes more sense to acquire a certain amount of know-how beforehand. This includes basic fishing knowledge. One reason for this is that magnetic fishing can have a negative effect on the biological balance in water, especially during spawning periods. There are also places where magnetic fishers do considerable damage to flora and fauna. Finally, a number of pertinent regulations apply to both, fishers who are hunting for fish and those, who pull metal objects out of the water with a magnet. 120kg Force Double Sided Treasure Salvage Permanent Magnets

Best Magnets For Magnet Fishing
The best magnet to use for magnet fishing is a neodymium magnet as their relatively compact size can have a huge pull force. Neodymium magnets are rare-earth magnets and are considered to be one of the strongest magnets available. As a note of caution, please be very careful when handling these magnets as they are very strong and can cause injury, and can damage electronics. Never attempt to put two of these magnets together as they can shatter from the force.

Below is a neodymium N52 magnet that weighs under 2lbs but has a pull force of 500lbs. This one is made to have a countersunk screw fastened to it which makes it easy to attach an eyebolt to securely tie the line. Be sure to use loctite so the eyebolt doesn’t unscrew.

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Product Range



Part No. Sizes(mm) Break Force (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
HSPNS-F100*2 48 22 8,10 100*2 0.34
HSPNS-F120*2 60 30 8,10 120*2 0.64
HSPNS-F200*2 75 32 10,10 200*2 1.06
HSPNS-F300*2 94 40 10,10 300*2 2.05
HSPNS-F400*2 116 40 10,10 400*2 3.10
HSPNS-F600*2 136 40 12,10 600*2 4.38
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