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Two-sides Neodymium Handle Hand Grip Pot Magnets 200KG

/Two-sides Neodymium Handle Hand Grip Pot Magnets 200KG
  • Two-sides Neodymium Handle Hand Grip Pot Magnets

Two-sides Neodymium Handle Hand Grip Pot Magnets 200KG, Pot Neodymium Power Magnets Hooks Metal Detector, Rare Earth Recovery Hunting Neodymium Magnet, Salvage Treasure Magnet, NdFeB Eyebolt Magnet, Search Recovering Magnet China Supplier

Two-sides Neodymium Handle Hand Grip Pot Magnets Specifications:
Part No.: FNRM-TS200
Neodymium size – 55mm x 25mm
Weight – 1,40 kg
Grade – N35 NiCuNi
Max 80° C
Max pull force – 200kg
Two sides permanent SUPER Strong Neodymium Magnet.
N35 – 200kg
Application: Can be used for treasure hunting in the sea/river. Great for recovering keys down a drain or overboard a boat.
Package Included:
What is in package:
– 1 Neodymium Magnet
– 1 Handle ring screw
– 1 Handle bar

NOTE: the maximum pull force is an approximate value.
It depends on the following factors:
distance between the surfaces
material thickness
surface smoothness
direction of the pull force
work temperature (max. 75-80 degrees centigrade)
It is recommended to test the pull force in specific conditions

These large Magnetic Pot Hook , Neodymium Metal Detector Eyeblot Magnet, Neodymium recovery magnets are made of a Neodymium magnet encased in a stainless steel shell. The shell is completely sealed providing the maximum resistance to corrosion making these magnets ideal for recovering items from water. Each magnet generates an incredibly large field depth meaning it can lift up to 500kg in weight when in direct contact with a mild steel surface of at least 10mm thickness and even has an impressive pulling force even over increasing distances. Each magnet is supplied already assembled with a M10 eyebolt that can easily accommodate thick lifting rope or cable. If required the eyebolt can be removed allowing the magnet to be bolted in place using an M8 (or smaller) bolt with a maximum 12mm diameter head. These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

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