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Tube magnets also are well known as Magnetic Tubes, Magnetic Filter Bar, Filter Magnetic Tube, Magnetic Rods, Magnetic Tubes for Separator, Neodymium Bar Magnets, Rod Magnets by some customers supplier factory

Tube magnets Description
Industrial strong neodymium magnetic filter bar rod is produced with high quality stainless steel tube and high B value of rare earth alloy ndfeb, and the use of special making method is made and be become. Neodymium tube bar magnets can mix in a fixed frame on, constitute a magnetic filter. When iron material through they will be attracted by industrial magnetic bar, the iron material will be adsorbed tightly on the wall of stainless steel tube, to ensure that equipment in good condition and product safety.

The Features of Magnetic Tubes
No energy consumption, no pollution, can be mounted on production lines and material of contact with any position, saving space, convenient installation, the magnetic bar be made by rare earth alloy ndfeb as magnetic source, magnetic force strong, simple structure, long service life, the specification can be used according to the customer request style and the production the site condition maintained customization.

N is indicated application temperature, there are six grade: (1)N: Below 80 ° C; (2) M: Below 100 ° C; (3) H: Below 120 ° C; (4) the SH: Below 150 ° C; (5) UH: Below 180 ° C. EH 6: Below 200 ° C (in the table below for the highest temperature according specification).

Application Of Tube Magnets
Magnetic Filter Bar mainly used to clean the powder, granule and liquid or size of the ferromagnetic impurities, widely is applied in ceramic, mining, the electric power, the plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, pigment, dyestuff, electronic, metallurgy, etc.

Before buying magnetic tubes, the customer should confirm the following information:
1. Square or round shape.If Round Shape , What is  the diamater and length of Tube Magnet?
2. Max working temperture;  Neodymium Magnetic Filter Tubes
3. Magnetic Strength or ferrous metal size,quantities that want to be removed;
4. Any Special requirement  for two end side ,such D6 female or male screw, or Hand ring;

Sizes and lengths of the magnetic tubes and shapes of the frameworks can vary as per clients’ requests. Please Call Us Today! 86-574-27667267 or Email to us 


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Product Range

Standard Magnetic tubes list for Magnetic filter:
Dimension     Magnetic Force (Gs)
MM 2500 5000 7000 9000 10000 11000 12000
Ø10 √EH √EH
Ø16 √EH √EH √EH √H √H
Ø19 √EH √EH √EH √H √H
Ø20 √EH √EH √EH SH √H √H
Ø22 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø23 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø25 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø28 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø32 √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √EH √H
Ø38 √EH √EH √EH √EH UH √H √H
Ø50 √EH √EH √EH UH √H √H √H
Ø76 √EH √EH √H √H √H √H √H
Ø100 √EH √EH √H √H √H √H √H
(1).””means it can be manufactured on the condition of the diameters listed in the table.”- “means can not be manufactured.
(2). The related Max working temperature from different series.
H series: <=120
SH series: <=150
UH series: <=180
EH series: <=350
2.Round and square are both available
3. 304 and 316L stainless steel  type are available
4. Magnetic bar length can be custom made .Max length of   is 2500mm when diamteter is 25mm.
5. Various end design are available ,such as Nail head ,thread hole ,double screw bolt ,etc .
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