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Trapzoid Profile Magnetic Chamfer Reveal Strip (Rigid Magnetic Profiles)

/Trapzoid Profile Magnetic Chamfer Reveal Strip (Rigid Magnetic Profiles)
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Trapzoid Profile Magnetic Chamfer, Rigid Magnetic Profiles Chamfer, Trapzoid Profile Magnetic Reveal Strip Chamfer (Magnetic Trapzoids)

Trapzoid Profile Magnetic Chamfer – Made of folded steel with the inside filled with resin, holding one or various magnets in the base.
They are used to make indentations in the concrete, to create false joints, etc…
Standard measurements: 1.5 metres.
Can also have magnets along the full 100% of the length or 50%.
The profile can be three-sided or trapezoid.

Trapezoid Magnetic Strip Chamfer, Trapezoidal Magnetic Strips Steel Chamfer Reveals are designed with high power  magnets embeded in with a steel chamfer. The magnets are fixed firmly by epoxy onto steel strip which makes it  not  possible to pour the magnets out during normal use.

We will custom fabricate trapezoidal reveal to customer detail. we can supply with magnetized and without, different size and length is available to customer order. Call Us Today! 86-574-27667267|

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Product Range


Trapezoidal -Triangle

Triangle profile
A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Magnetic length
20 20 28 50 o 100%
25 25 35 50 o 100%
30 30 42 50 o 100%
Trapezoid profile
A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Magnetic length
10 10 30 50 o 100%
20 10 40 50 o 100%
20 15 45 50 o 100%
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