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Trapezoid Magnetic Chamfer

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Trapezoid Magnetic Strip Chamfer, 1 side and 2 sides Magnetic Steel chamfer, trapezoidal Magnetic strips Steel Chamfer reveals in precast concrete formwork, Steel Trapezoid Magnetic Chamfer/Reveal in formwork SYSTEM SUPPLIER

Trapezoid Magnetic Chamfer – HSMAG produced the chamfer which is fabricated from C1018 cold rolled steel chamfer fitted with magnet insert. The magnetic steel chamfer have maximum 6M length. The magnet insert are embedded in the steel and sealed with an epoxy material to insure no damage from concrete or maximum reuse.

It is a trapezoidal steel strip for concrete forming, eliminating sharp corners and the need for concrete edge rubbing. They make the exposed corners of the concrete structure stronger and more aesthetic.

Magnetic chamfer strip are designed with high power magnets embeded in with a steel chamfer. The magnets are fixed firmly by epoxy onto steel strip
Magnetic chamfer strip are designed with high power  magnets embeded in with a steel chamfer. The magnets are fixed firmly by epoxy onto steel strip which makes it  not  possible to pour the magnets out during normal use. Typically specification is in 1/2″ X1/2″and 3/4″ X3/4″ for chamferred edges and lenght is usually 5 or 10 foot.

Trapezoid Magnet Chamfer, Formwork System Reveal Magnetic Steel Chamfer

Magnetic encased in steel with high adhesive power.
Won’t pull out under normal use
No open grooves to fill with the concrete.
Custom Specification is welcomed
1 side and 2 sides Magnetic Steel chamfer is available.
50% or 100% Magnetic Steel chamfer is available.

We will custom fabricate trapezoidal reveal to customer detail. we can supply with magnetized and without, different size and length is available to customer order.

Safety instructions

The suction power of the chamfering bar is lower than shuttering magnets, but the suction power is incredibly still strong, and misuse can cause bodily harm or harm to the magnets or the working environment. While our magnetic steel chamfers are user-friendly, like anything, taking a little extra precaution will not only protect you but the chamfer as well. Below are our safety recommendations for before, during, and after use.
Do not place the chamfer vertically because the strong impact force may cause the magnet to break. Instead, put the chamfering bar on one side first, and then gently set it into place.
Although the magnet and steel have undergone anti-rust treatment, long-term uncleanness may make the cement adhere to the chamfered strips and be challenging to remove. To keep your chamfers lasting longer, clean after each use and apply an anti-rust oil to keep them in their best working condition.
The maximum operating or storage temperature must be below 80 ° C. Higher temperatures may cause the chamfer bar to decrease or completely lose its magnetic force.  Magnetic Steel Chamfer Strip
Keep it away from electronic instruments (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers) and unnecessary ferromagnetic metals.
Extra caution must be taken if using the chamfer around someone wearing a pacemaker. Triangle Steel Chamfer have extremely strong magnetic fields that could potentially damage the electronic devices inside the pacemaker.
If any concrete or other debris attach to the chamfer always be sure to remove it quickly. If you notice any caked-on concrete, gently scrape or buff it away.
You always want to keep the mold table smooth. The strong suction force will cause the magnet to deform if there is a hard object between the magnet and the mold table.
Always handle the Triangle Steel Chamfer with care. When you’re done using it, stack it gently to prevent snagging or catching your hands and fingers.
We recommend storing the chamfer in on a plastic or rubber rack. You should have easy access to the chamfers.
Avoid sun exposure. Higher temperatures may cause the magnetic steel chamfers to drop or lose their magnetic force altogether.
Keep the surface clean. Although both the magnet and steel have been treated with anti-rust protection, failing to properly clean the magnet can cause the cement to adhere to the chamfered strips and be difficult to remove. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that users clean and grease after each use. Although the steel surface has an anti-rust coating, the concrete is alkaline corrosive and will corrode the steel surface after a long time.

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Product Range



Item No. A(mm)
B(mm) c(mm) Length(mm)
TDMC-10 10 21 8 3000
TDMC-15 15 27 10 3000
TDMC-20 20 30 20 2550
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