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Traditional Alnico Horseshoe Magnets

/Traditional Alnico Horseshoe Magnets
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Traditional Alnico Horseshoe Magnets, U-shaped Alnico, Red Cast Alnico 5 U-Shaped Magnet, Super Science Magnet, Traditional Alnico Education Magnets with iron-powder set, Alnico U-shaped teaching-education magnet

Alnico Horseshoe Magnets – Suitable for many experimental and demonstration needs in general science and physics laboratory. Traditional style. Chrome plated and engraved with N and S to indicate north and south poles. Supplied with soft iron plated keeper (armature). — Horeseshoes with retrievalapplications, welding and soldering fixtures, crack detection/non destruction testing, attracting, clamping and secuirng steel parts.

The ever-popular iconic horseshoe magnet has been used for decades in the classroom and science lab to teach children about physics,U-shaped magnet for students physical experiment teaching instrument for magnetic teaching aids. The combination of iron powder and a horseshoe magnet is a great way to show the patterns of magnetic fields. Simply place some of the iron filings on a piece of paper and move the magnet underneath the paper to see how the powder reacts and aligns to the magnetic field lines. Afterwards, place the powder back inside the resealable packet to use again and again. This horseshoe magnet is small enough to fit in your pocket but will still lift an impressive 1kg. Each magnet is protected by a red and silver epoxy paint coating.

Always in demand, and something which every child seems to want at some stage.
Small, great value horseshoe magnet – ideal for education, experiments and science projects.

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Product Range






Part No. Height(mm) Pole to Pole Width(mm) Magnet Width(mm) Thickness(mm)
TAUM-01 22 22 6 4
TAUM-02 30 30 8 7
TAUM-03 30 31 8 7
TAUM-04 36 43 11 8
TAUM-05 48 42 11 8
TAUM-06 60 51 12 9
TAUM-07 61 52 12 9
TAUM-08 65 57 13 10
TAUM-09 67 54 14 12
TAUM-10 70 50 12 12
TAUM-11 70 58 15 11
TAUM-12 75 60 39 8
TAUM-13 80 62 60 15
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