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Tolerance +/-0.005mm Cylinder Ring High Precision AlNiCo Magnets

/Tolerance +/-0.005mm Cylinder Ring High Precision AlNiCo Magnets
  • Tolerance +-0.005mm Cylinder High Precision AlNiCo Magnets

Tolerance +/-0.005mm Cylinder Ring High Precision AlNiCo Magnets Ф0.9*Ф0.4*2.0mm, Customized AlNiCo Rod Shape Magnets, Precise sintered AlNiCo permanent magnets, high magnetic strength high working temperature precision micro magnet, small mini tiny AlNiCo magnets, micro-sized personalized cylindrical ring magnets Supplier

Tolerance +/-0.005mm Cylinder Ring High Precision AlNiCo Magnets Ф0.9*Ф0.4*2.0mm – Cylinder Magnets made from Alnico are used for seals, sensors and coin collection machines and most famously, in guitar pickups. Amplifiers, actuators and motor applications have also used Alnico magnets due to their impressive flux density. Alnico Magnets are the weakest of permanent magnets, however they have excellent temperature stability and very good resistance to corrosion. Their mechanical strength is greater than either Neodymium or Ferrite magnets because Alnico magnets are both hard and brittle.

Alnico magnets are relatively high in magnetic strength, offer excellent temperature stability and can be used in temperatures up to 1000°F (500°C), making them the preferred choice for many industrial applications. Alnico magnets are manufactured through a casting or sintering process, so they can be made into complex shapes, not possible with other magnet materials. Commonly used in the oil and gas, medical, aerospace, military and defense, industrial automation, automotive, and manufacturing industry.
HS Magnet is especially focusing on micro magnet manufacturing.With our special skill,we are able to make many tiny parts. Micro AlNiCo Block Magnet Size 2.0*2.0*0.35mm
Typical Samples:Ф3.0*0.3mm, Ф0.3*3.0mm, Ф2.8*Ф1.8*1.1mm, Ф0.9*Ф0.4*2.0mm, F2.0*2.0*0.35mm
Size: 0.2-2mm
Coating Availble:Zinc,Nickel,Titanium,Silver,Gold,Epoxy,Parylene

We can custom manufacture these to your exact specifications using our in-house manufacturing facilities and experienced team of engineers. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending us a request for quote or contact us by call or email, and we’ll work with you to determine the most economical solution for your project.
ALNICO magnets are made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper and iron. Great for high heat applications. Maximum working temperature 975°-1020° F.

We can supply various sizes of AlNiCo magnets, according to the customer’s requests and designs. Please contact us and provide the shape, size, tolerance and grade of ALNiCO magnets. If you need assistance with your requirements, please contact us.

No. Ø ext. (D) Thickness (H) Magnetization
1 1.000 0.500 Axial
2 1.200 0.450 Axial
3 1.500 0.600 Axial
4 2.250 1.250 Axial
5 2.265 1.550 Axial
6 2.850 2.350 Axial
7 2.900 2.500 Axial
8 3.250 0.800 Axial
9 3.500 0.750 Axial
10 3.600 0.990 Axial
11 4.000 0.550 Axial
12 4.000 0.600 Axial
13 5.000 0.450 Axial
14 5.000 0.650 Axial
15 6.000 0.700 Axial
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