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Three Axis Equal Diameter Helmholtz Coil

/Three Axis Equal Diameter Helmholtz Coil
  • Three Axis Equal Diameter Helmholtz Coil

Three Axis Equal Diameter Helmholtz Coil, 3 axis helmholtz coil, 3 axis Equal Helmholtz Coil

Three Axis Equal Diameter Helmholtz Coil Features:

1. Three dimensions are equal in the diameter of the coil, and the number of turns are same, coil constant also is in common.
2. Apply to the shielding room to shield cavity simulation field;
3. Suitable for constant wire coil requirements;
4. Suitable for 3 dimensional spatial homogeneity volume consistency of the application;
5. Applicable to the magnetic field under 2 gs requirements.
6. Three-dimensional equal diameter coil range: 100mm~1000mm

The Helmholtz coil refers to the arrangement of two identical conductor loops spaced one radius apart and wound, so that the current flows through both coils in the same direction. This winding generates an almost homogeneous magnetic field in the center of the structure with the primary component parallel to the axes of the two coils. Measurement of magnetic moment with a Helmholtz coil is a convenient way to test permanent magnet materials.
The Helmholtz coils can be single-axis (one coil pair) or 3-axes (three coil pairs at 90 degrees from each others). The triple-axes version lets you fully characterize the magnitude and the direction of the magnetization with respect to the axes, regardless of how you place the magnet. The complete measurement system consists of a 3-Axes Helmholtz coil set, a cabinet containing three fluxmeters and a PC. Detailed specs are listed in the following.

The measure can be done to every kind of hard magnetic materials having any different magnetization direction. This system was developed to be used with 3-axes Helmholtz coils, but it can also be used with any single-axis Helmholtz coil

• Meets international standard IEC 60404-14
• Control of PM quality (Br)
• Feedback control for calibration and magnetization system
Easy to use
• Precise and accurate
• Non-destructive method of testing


Field/Current ratio: 300 µT/A (3.0 Gauss/A). For each pair, X, Y or Z. Maximum error: ±1%.
Maximum field: 1.20 mT (12.0 Gauss) in steady mode / 2.4 mT (24 Gauss) during 2 minutes. Each pair.
Maximum current: 4.0 A in steady mode / 8 A during 2 minutes (initial coil temperature: 20 ºC). Each pair.
Isolation voltage: 250 V DC minimum, between windings and their forms and between pairs. Tested to 500 V DC.
Magnetic field homogeneity: Differences smaller than ±1%, in respective to the centre, in a spherical volume of 150 mm in diameter centred in the coils. Differences smaller than ±5% in a spherical volume of 220 mm in diameter. Larger volumes to 1% and 5% along some directions.
Orthogonality error: < 0.2º in between any pair of axes. Optionally <0.1º.
Connection: Barrier strip terminal block, with brass M4 screws (Ø 4 mm).
Wiring capacity: A maximum current of 10 A for any circuit.
Maximum working temperature: 80 ºC for the whole set / 100 ºC for the coils, as measured on the coils surface.
Coil cross section: Winding: 11 x 12 mm, maximum. Total (form): 15 x 15 mm.
Materials: Windings in enamelled copper wire, filled with epoxy resin. Coils forms of aluminium alloy, with internal isolating epoxy layer, with terminal plate of epoxy/fibreglass (FR4) with PVC covers. Pillars and brackets of the stand support of Acetyl (“Delrin”). Upper an lower plates of foamed PVC. Screws of brass and Nylon.
Maximum dimensions: Height 705 mm x Wide 589 mm x Depth 631 mm.
Weight: 15.8 kg for the BH600-3-B coil-set. See in below a table for the weights of all the versions.
Accessories: Delivered with Instruction Manual in Spanish and English.
Warranty: Two years.uniformity is 1% , power supply is 40W. helmholtz coil magnetic field

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