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Thorkast Rail Magnets, Form / Rail Magnets, Permanent Siderail Magnets, 4” or 6” Powerful Rail Magnets for Thorkast Rails

Thorkast Rail Magnets – Thorkast Rails feature:

Permanent siderail that is flexible enough to adapt to any size.
Interchangeable faceplates clamp to rail to create sideform of any height.
Rail stacks on itself to provide a base for taller forms.
No need to inventory multiple rail profiles.
Change rail height without removing rail from table.
Use multiple heights on the same piece of rail.
Use multiple materials on the same piece of rail.

Powerful magnets designed to securely fit into the Thorkast rail’s extruded profile for quick and efficient mounting and holding of the rail to steel forms. Minimum of three magnets for every ten feet of rail required to provide sufficient hold down force to keep the rail in place during placement of concrete. Available for four inch and six inch Thorkast rails.

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Product Range

Part No. Description
HSUSA-4RMTK 4” Rail Magnet Thorkast
HSUSA-6RMTK 6” Rail Magnet Thorkast
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