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Thin Thickness Rectangular Hard Ferrite Magnets Y30BH

/Thin Thickness Rectangular Hard Ferrite Magnets Y30BH
  • Thin Thickness Rectangular Hard Ferrite Magnets Y30BH

Thin Thickness Rectangular Hard Ferrite Magnets Y30BH, Low Price Anisotropic Barium Sintered Ferrite Medium Strength Magnet, China permanent magnets customized rectangular block shape magnet, Rectangle ceramic magnets for industrial, motors, speaker, air conditioning systems, crafts, daily life, cow.

Thin Thickness Rectangular Hard Ferrite Magnets Y30BH Feature:
1.Material: ferrite powder, etc
2.Grade: Y25, Y30, Y30BH, Y35
3.Size: 60mm * 60mm * 15mm, According to client’s requirement;
4.Shape: Rectangular, Block, Bar, Rectangle, or others.
5.Application: Widely used in ammeter, speaker, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, DC permanent magnet motors (used in cars), etc
Isotropic ferrite magnets
Anisotropic ferrite magnets

Ferrite Magnet
The ferrite is manufactured by a ceramic process , has a relatively hard texture ,is a brittle material.
Since ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, and moderate performance, they have become permanent magnets for a wide range of applications.
Ammeter, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, Motors, Meters, Speakers, Sensors, Medical Machine prducts, Magnetic Sport products, etc
Magnetization : length,width,height

1) Cheapest magnet material
2) Good anti-corrosion performance, no need to surface treatment.
3) Best temperature stability
4) Best choice for industrial application
5) All shapes can be customized
6) provide isotropic and anisotropic
7) OEM service

Sintered ferrite magnets can be used in between -40 °C and +200 °C Being hard and brittle, they can be cut by using diamond tools.
The raw material of sintered ferrite magnets is oxide, thus they would not be rusted under severe environment nor affected by many chemicals (except some strong acids).

Ferrite magnets are permanent magnets , not rare earth magnets, it is mainly made from iron oxide and strontium carbonate by ceramic processing technology, also called ceramic magnets.
Ceramic blocks (sometimes called Ferrite block) are available in several different sizes. Ceramic/Ferrite magnets are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet. Large ceramic block magnets are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller ferrite blocks are commonly used in motors. Any machining of ferrite blocks must be done with a diamond wheel, ideally before magnetization, as they are hard and brittle. These are medium strength magnets. If you need a very strong magnet, take a look at our Neodymium rare earth block magnets.

Magnetization Direction
Shape & Size & Tolerance: According to clients’ requirement, can custom special & complex shapes
Application: industrial, motors, speaker, air conditioning systems, crafts, daily life, cow, etc.

Working Temperature: Grade

Ceramic magnet, i.e. ferrite magnet, is a kind of permanent magnet mainly manufactured by raw material of (SrO) SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Compared with other magnets, ferrite magnet is hard and brittle, and the magnetic energy is relatively low. But it is difficult to demagnetize and go corrosion, the production process is simple and the price is cheap, therefore, in the whole magnet industry the output of ferrite magnet is the highest and they are widely used in industrial production. 60mm Length Anisotropic Block Square Ferrite Magnet

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