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Tesla Meter Verification Device

/Tesla Meter Verification Device
  • Tesla Meter Verification Device

Tesla meter verification device ( high precision magnetic control platform )

System uses HSMAG’s high precision digital Gauss meter and a high precision bipolar high stable power supply with high homogeneity of the electromagnet to form a closed loop control of high accuracy and stable magnetic field generating platform. by the computer input required field value, system can reach a preset value at a stable and high speed, and the system controls its stability, real-time displays of the preset value and in graph and numerical value of magnetic field fluctuations. Magnetic field generating platform precision:± 0.05% of readings± 0.005% range; magnetic field: 0.03mT-2.8T; magnetic field stability: ± 0.03mT. It is applicable to all types of magnetic properties research. Xiamen Dexing Magnet Tech. limited company according to the magnetic field calibration standard of China Metrology Institute (” JJG242-1995″ Tesla meter verification regulation ) produces Tesla meter calibration system and high stability high precision magnetic field generating platform, which is applicable to the test for metering departments and magnetic research for various types of institutions.

Hardware of  Tesla Meter Verification Device
1 high precision Gauss meter
2 high precision DC power supply
3 electromagnet with high uniformity
4 water cooler

Software of Tesla Meter Verification Device
1 China Metrology Institute provides correction data and certificate ( optional)
2 Fully automated DC magnetic field control system ( optional)

HSMAG company provides the electromagnet power which uses high performance digital controlled high precision bipolar constant current power supply, is widely used in inductive load excitation,such as electromagnet, Helmholtz coil. Continuous current zero crossing, contactless commutation, can produce a smooth, controlled and stable magnetic field. It can form a high precision magnetic field platform through the Gauss meter, continuously scan the magnetic field. Current mode control can provide users with simple, convenient use and control form.
1) through the keyboard settings.
2) through the analog voltage control.
3) through the UART interface controlled by computer.
4) through the USB interface controlled by computer. ( optional)
5) adopt preemptive design, without the specified control mode through panel.
6) bipolar output, contactless commutation, continuous current zero
7) the output current, voltage works in four quadrants ( especially suitable for inductive load )
8) the changing rate of the output current can reach 200A / s, power supply automatically limit rate according to the current and power for the reactive load.
9) support connecting Gauss meter through port.
10) magnetic field automaticly control mode. Directly input target magnetic field strength values in the power supply panel key, power automatically adjust the output current according to the reading of magnetic field values displayed by built-in Gauss meter, in order to make the actual magnetic field equal to the setting target value.
11) using low power standby mode, support upper computer remote opening and closing power, without panel operation.
12)various protection mode. Considering the factors of electric state, cooling condition, module working condition, it provides comprehensive protection for the power, and directly displays fault state in the LCD display, which is convenient for the user to check the cause.
Input power supply under-voltage, over-voltage protection, input power open-phase protection ,input power down protection ( protecting internal absorption perceptual load reverse filling energy ) multidimensional magnetic measurement system

Specifications and Technical Index Tesla Meter Verification Device

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