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Telescoping Retrieving Pickup Magnet

/Telescoping Retrieving Pickup Magnet
  • Telescoping Retrieving Pickup Magnet

Telescoping Retrieving Pickup Magnet, Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Telescoping, Retrieving Magnet, 25″ Length, 3 lb Hold, Stainless Steel Telescopic Magnet Pickup & Pointer , Telescopic Garbage Pickup Tool, Strong Magnetic Pickup Repair Tool

Telescoping Retrieving Pickup Magnet Feature:
Part No.: MPUT-7228
Type: Telescoping
Self Length: 17.5 cm
Fully Extended Length: 65.5 cm
Pull: 8 lbs.
Made in China

0.30″ overall diameter tip with powerful Neodymium magnet holds ferrous metal items up to 3 pounds
Made of 25″ length telescopic, light steel, magnet, and steel pocket clip
Telescopic body extends from 5.75″ to 25″ length
Light weight with convenient pocket clip
Great for retrieving nails, screws, washers, key rings, and more.
Each has a powerful neodymium magnet in the tip. Great for retrieving small metal objects such as nails, screws, washers, key rings and more.

Stainless steel magnetic pick up tool
Any material available
Any procesing available
Tolerance: +/-0.001mm
Finish: Deburring, polishing, etc
ISO approved, OEM/ODM offered
Delivery: 15 days or depend on the Qty
Packing: Plastic bag, carton packing,Retrieve small, ferrous metal parts easily
Nickel-plated tool has a powerful, permanent magnet (and easy-grip knurled handle)
Shaft flexes to go around corners
Length: 18″, magnet diameter: 1/2″Need to retrieve dropped parts or tools from deep down in a dark and small area? “Fish” them out with this handy 18″ long flexible magnet. It’s handy to have and easy to store!

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  • Quality guaranteed
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  • Offer free magnetic solution
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Product Range

Part No. Lbs. Pull Self Length
MPUT-7256 20 19 – 72.5 cm
MPUT-7227 15 19 – 72.5 cm
MPUT-7229 5 13.5 – 60.5 cm
MPUT-7228 8 17.5 – 65.5 cm
MPUT-7264 8 16.5 – 62 cm
MPUT-7568 5 13.5 – 60.5 cm
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