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Teflon Oval Egg Shaped Magnetic Stir Bar

/Teflon Oval Egg Shaped Magnetic Stir Bar
  • Teflon Oval Egg Shaped Magnetic Stir Bar

Egg shaped Magnetic Stir Bars PTFE, Teflon Oval Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Stirring Bar Rod Bead With Pivot Ring, Egg Shaped Magnetic Stirrers, Stir Bars and Rods in Round Bottom Flask

Egg shaped magnetic stir bar is supplied by hsmag. It features ALNICO V magnetic cores which provide powerful and durable stirring instruments.  A stir bar (also known as a flea, spin bar, stirring bar or stirbar) is a magnetic bar used to stir a liquid mixture or solution, usually in a laboratory.  The stir bar’s motion id driven by a separate rotating magnet or assembly of electromagnets (i.e. coils) located beneath the vessel containing the liquid.

Our well highly regarded organization is involved in offering egg shaped magnetic stir bar to our valuable clients. The offered product is complemented for its excellent design and unmatched quality. Oval Magnetic Stirring Bar is offered in various dimensions and customizable as per the requirements of clients. We do full inspection of the offered range to ensure that clients are fully satisfied from our end. Likewise, we are offering this at suitable price.

egg shaped magnetic stir bars are PTFE coated and provide excellent chemical resistance and intert stirring capability for almost every laboratory stirring applications. egg or oval shaped magnetic stir bars feature ALNICO V magnetic cores which are one of the most powerful permanent magnet alloys available. Stir bars should not be stored in a random mass or dropped on a hard surface, especially steel. Stir bars should be stored in pairs to maintain magnetic strength. In general the PTFE coating around each magnetic stir bar accounts for 18% of stir bar diameter.


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Product Range

Part No. L (mm) x D(mm)
TFN-1.61  10 x 5
TFN-1.615   15 x 6
TFN-1.62   20 x 10
TFN-1.625.10   25 x 10
TFN-1.625   25 x 12
TFN-1.630.10   30 x 10
TFN-1.63   30 x 16
TFN-1.635.13   35 x 13
TFN-1.635   35 x 16
TFN-1.640.13   40 x 13
TFN-1.64   40 x 20
TFN-1.650.17   50 x 17
TFN-1.65   50 x 20
TFN-1.664   64 x 20
TFN-1.67   70 x 20
TFN-1.670.25   70 x 25
TFN-1.670.27   70 x 27
TFN-1.6100 100 x 30
TFN-1.6150 150 x 40
Egg Shaped Magnetic Stir Bars PTFE drawing

Egg Shaped Magnetic Stir Bars PTFE drawing

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