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Tapered Step Face Magnetic Plate

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Tapered Step Face Magnetic Plate, Spout Plate Magnets, Single-step and Double-step Plate Magnets, Magnetic Separator Plates China Supplier

Tapered Step Face Plate Magnets feature a diverter to provide maximum tramp metal separation and superior wash-off protection for high volume, below-the-flow applications. The diverter protects collected metal from being washed back into the product flow, while preventing product degradation. Several strengths are available in Ceramic and Rare Earth designs to meet the requirements of difficult applications.

Magnet Materials for Tapered Step Face Magnetic Plate:

Ceramic: Used for small to larger ferrous particle separation such as nails, bolts, washers, etc that can cause damage to processing equipment.

Rare Earth: Extremely powerful magnet material used for “fine particle” separation such as metal filings, shavings, metal wear residue, work hardened stainless steel, etc., as well as capturing larger tramp metal.

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Plate Magnets are designed for use in chutes and suspension over conveyed product. Installed on the bottom side of a chute, a Plate Magnet will provide maximum protection as product travels through the powerful magnetic circuit. The magnetic field projects from the face of the Plate Magnet reaching into the product stream and pulling the ferrous contaminants to the magnet face. The magnetic field on a Plate Magnet is strongest at the surface and gets weaker the further you move away.

To prevent captured ferrous contaminants from being washed off from oncoming product, a trap face design should be chosen. A trap face is a tapered step on the magnets working surface. This trap is placed at a position within the north and south magnetic fields that cause captured ferrous contaminants to be drawn to the underside of the trap where they are safely held on to, preventing washoff from oncoming product. It is also important to note that the magnetic area of a Plate Magnet should cover the entire width of the spout it is protecting.

Plate Magnets usually have a 1” flange around the perimeter that is non-magnetic. This flange is used to seal the magnet shut to prevent product leakage. If the spout you are trying to protect is 12″ wide, a 14” wide magnet should be ordered. It is recommended that angle material is welded to the outside of the spout to allow the overlapping flange to seal against it. Plate Magnets suspended over conveyed products can have a flat face design if product is not coming in contact with the magnet.


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Product Range

Ferrite / Ceramic Spout Plate Magnets
2″ Reach Out 6″ Reach Out 8″ Reach Out Magnetic Width (In.)
MSFMP-SM02-04 MSFMP-SM06-04 4
MSFMP-SM02-06 MSFMP-SM06-06 6
MSFMP-SM02-08 MSFMP-SM06-08 8
MSFMP-SM02-10 MSFMP-SM06-10 MSFMP-SM08-10 10
MSFMP-SM02-12 MSFMP-SM06-12 MSFMP-SM08-12 12
MSFMP-SM02-14 MSFMP-SM06-14 MSFMP-SM08-14 14
MSFMP-SM02-16 MSFMP-SM06-16 MSFMP-SM08-16 16
MSFMP-SM02-18 MSFMP-SM06-18 MSFMP-SM08-18 18
MSFMP-SM02-20 MSFMP-SM06-20 MSFMP-SM08-20 20
MSFMP-SM02-22 MSFMP-SM06-22 MSFMP-SM08-22 22
MSFMP-SM02-24 MSFMP-SM06-24 MSFMP-SM08-24 24
MSFMP-SM02-26 MSFMP-SM06-26 MSFMP-SM08-26 26
MSFMP-SM02-28 MSFMP-SM06-28 MSFMP-SM08-28 28
MSFMP-SM02-30 MSFMP-SM06-30 MSFMP-SM08-30 30


Rare Earth NdFeB Spout Plate Magnets
3″ Reach Out 5″ Reach Out Magnetic Width (In.)
MSNMP-SM03-04 MSNMP-SM05-04 4
MSNMP-SM03-06 MSNMP-SM05-06 6
MSNMP-SM03-08 MSNMP-SM05-08 8
MSNMP-SM03-10 MSNMP-SM05-10 10
MSNMP-SM03-12 MSNMP-SM05-12 12
MSNMP-SM03-14 MSNMP-SM05-14 14
MSNMP-SM03-16 MSNMP-SM05-16 16
MSNMP-SM03-18 MSNMP-SM05-18 18
MSNMP-SM03-20 MSNMP-SM05-20 20

Tapered Step Face Magnet Plates-drawing

Tapered Step Face Magnet Plates-drawing


Below the flow installation Exposed Pole or Spout Face design



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