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Synchronous Magnetic Coupling

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Synchronous Magnetic Coupling – Provide synchronous connection to transmit torque and speed for all manufacturing applications. Available in shaft-to-shaft, disk or shaft-flange styles, these clutches transmit force with no physical contact. They are even capable of safely transmitting torque through a wall. High-torque transmission is accomplished by the synchronous clutches’ permanent-magnet design, which consists of two multiple-pole magnetic cylinders. Torque is produced by the magnetic field across the air gap between the two cylinders.

Magnetic couplings and clutches smoothly and cost-effectively transmit torque with servo-quality overload protection for nearly any type of industrial manufacturing. Benefits/features include:
Smooth disengagement, even during high torque
Easy to assemble and adjust
High stiffness and low inertia
Exact transmission of the rotational movement even under extreme temperatures and environments
Use for unique applications requiring reliability, precision, power and repeatability within the same package
All magnetic clutches are available in full stainless steel

As the name implies, this Synchronous Magnetic Coupling is a synchronous version that inherently results in a 1:1 relationship between the motion of the driver and follower. As taught in grade schools, like magnetic poles (North-North and South-South) repel each other while opposite poles (North-South) attract. Synchronous couplings exploit these “attractive” and “repulsive” characteristics to produce motion. By placing an array of alternating pole permanent magnets (N-S-N-S) on the driver and an equivalent array of alternating pole permanent magnets on the follower, a “coupled” magnetic circuit is produced with each North and South pole in the driver linked to each, respective, South and North pole of the follower. As the driver moves with respect to the follower, the magnet poles start to overlap one and other, leading to a “push-pull” effect, and, consequent motion. The magnitude of the resultant force depends not only on the amount of overlap, but also on the chosen magnetic material’s characteristics and separation distance between the driver and follower. At some displacement, however, the peak force producing capabilities of the coupling are achieved.  Displacement beyond this point results in a decoupling. This decoupling manifests itself as a ratcheting action resulting from like magnetic poles is the driver and follower repelling each other. Unlike its mechanical equivalent, however, the decoupling does not, generally, lead to permanent damage; and synchronization is reinitiated at the next magnetic pole coupling point. Syncronous Linear Planar Coupling Side by Side, Syncronous Face to Face Magnetic Coupling China Supplier.

The permanent magnetic synchronous coupling  / Synchronous Magnetic Coupling consists of two separate halves which have to be supported by the customer and are then telescoped. The special feature: the maximum transmittable torque can be changed by modifying the hub submergence. At overload status, the coupling will slip through in a jolting manner. Permanent Magnetic Couplings



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Product Range

Greatest volumetric force density Limited to a 1:1 motion ratio Devices requiring direct coupling with no slip during operation






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