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Magnetic Hang Sweepers with Quick Release

/Magnetic Hang Sweepers with Quick Release
  • Magnetic Hang Sweepers with Quick Release

36″ 48″ 60″ Magnetic Hang Sweepers w/ Quick Release, Suspension Mount Magnetic Sweepers with Quick Release, Trailer-/Hang-Type Magnetic Sweeper, Powerful Magnetic Mounting Sweepers, Suspended Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetic Hang Sweepers with Quick Release or Suspension Mount Magnetic Sweeper quickly mounts on forklifts and service vehicles. By simply pushing on the release tab, accumulated debris is quickly and safely release from the magnet. Unit is available with optional fork pockets for quick mounting of forklift forks.
Magnetic Sweeper Effective up to 4″ Above the Surface at Traveling Speeds Not to Exceed 15 mph !
Dimensions are 2″ x 5″ x Length as Specified
Magnetic Sweepers Use Highest Strength Grade 8 Permanent Magnets
250 Lb Holding Capacity on a Flat Steel Plate
Available in size choices of 36″, 48″ and 60″.

· Reduce costly tyre damage, personal injury caused by sharp iron debrises
· Tow by forklift and truck
. Efficient upkeep of floor cleanliness and more efficient at picking up ferrous metal debrises than vacuum sweepers, road sweepers or broom sweepers

· Consume no energy
· Heavy Duty Permanent Magnet enclosed in stainless steel & mild steel shell and never wears out
· Equip with 1.5m long detachable tow bar
· Pneumatic tyre Ø220mm
· Equip with load release handle
· Separation of iron debrises from non-ferrous and sand dust, increase the value of collected debrises

Suitable for light duty collection of small qty iron debrises at below wide coverage areas:
· Airport and seaport
· Factory floor
· Warehouse floor
· Loading docks
· Parking lots
· Scrap yards
· Vehicle driveway
· Construction site

Our Magnetic Sweeper is efficient in collective harmful scattered materials from work areas like warehouse and production area. It consists of easy to pull handle that helps in removal scrap metal for roads, loading docks, and unpaved surfaces. Owing to the simple construction of our Magnetic Sweeping Equipment, we are considered as a prominent supplier in the industry.



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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Dimensions Weight
HSPMS-36QR 2” X 5” X 36” 40 lbs
HSPMS-48QR 2” X 5” X 48” 45 lbs
HSPMS-60QR 2” X 5” X 60” 50 lbs
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