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Suspension Magnet, Suspension Permanent Magnets Separator, Suspended Plate Magnet, Suspended Magnetic Separator Plates, Suspension Separator

Suspension Magnet are designed for high separation performance in over-the- belt conveyor applications. These heavy duty permanent magnets incorporation all welded construction are particularly effective in removing tramp metal in high volume applications.

Produces strong magnetic field attraction. The separator body adopts rare earth permanent magnetic materials featuring high remanence, high coercivity and high energy as magnetic source. The property is persistent with high temperature stability.

The Suspension Magnet steel is chosen from the national famous material enterprise (national inspection-exempted product) with high purity material and advanced manufacturing process to ensure the property will not affected by ambient temperature and mechanical vibration.

The Suspension Magnet material is electroplated on the surface, and assembled with particular clamp by special man, to minimize the difference and make strict anticorrosion treatment. This series links up with transportation equipments such as all types of belt conveyers, vibration conveyers and charging pipelines to form a complete set to remove the iron materials under weight of 0.1~0.5kg mixed among the non-magnetic materials to ensure normal & safe operation of the next-step equipment (such as muller, crusher, etc.).

Features Of Suspension Permanent Magnet Separator
The following are the features of Suspension Permanent Magnet:
Permanent magnet field
No electrical hook ups
Compact design
Heavy duty impact plate
Stainless steel angled cleats

Suspension Separator Options:
Stainless steel plates
Turn buckles
Easy clean stripper pan
Suspension kit for fixed mounting to conveyor frame

Suspension Separator Selection:
Selection this type suspension separator depends on the
Feed material
Feed depth
Depends on width and speed of your belt conveyor.

Applications Of Suspension Permanent Magnet Separator
It used in wide applications like
Cement industry
Power industry
Ore industry
Ceramic industry
Non-metallic ore industry
Metal industry
Chemical industry
Glass industry
Paper-making industry
Building industry
Sugar refining industry
Pharmaceutics industry
Food industry

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