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Super Strong NdFeB Magnet Disc Ø100 x 30mm N45

/Super Strong NdFeB Magnet Disc Ø100 x 30mm N45
  • Super Strong NdFeB Magnet

Super Strong NdFeB Magnet Disc Ø100 x 30mm N45, Sintered Neodymium Customized Disc Craft Magnet, Powerful Rare Earth Permanent Disk Magnet, Buy Super Strong Bulk Huge NdFeB Round Neodymium Disc Magnets China Supplier & Factory

Super Strong NdFeB Magnet Disc Ø100 x 30mm N45 Feature:
Material Neodymium
Plating Nickle (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Diameter D 100 mm
Volum  235619 mm³
Temperature max. 80 °C
Magnetic Grade N45
Tolerance 0.1 mm
Direction axial
Weight 1,790708 kg
Pull Power Force 300,000 kg
Hight H 30 mm

Neodymium magnets are most powerful of any kind of magnetic materials
Br of neodymium magnets are much more than 11,000 Gauss. Therefore, Neodymium magnets have strong holding strength on metal surface and could be used as component for holding, separating, etc. Neodymium magnets must be carefully handled to avoid personal injury and material damage due to its extremely magnetic strength and brittle property. disc ndfeb permanent magnets

Grades of Neodymium magnets:
► N35-N52
► 33M-48M
► 30H-45H
► 30SH-42SH
► 30UH-35UH
► 28EH-35EH

Neodymium Magnets
– Most powerful
– Strong resistance to demagnetization
– Low working temperature
– High cost
– Easily corrupted
– Hard and brittle
– We also provide Titanium Nitride covered Neodymium magnets upon customers’ request. (This magnet has not been tested or certified by any regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use of this magnet is strictly at your own risk.)
– Calculation Tools, including Flux Density and Pull Force Determination.

Magnet Materials Neodymium Magnets Disk ,
Neodymium magnets are dark gray alloy. They are composed of neodymium, iron and boron. Density of Neodymium magnets is .27Lb/in3 (7.5g/cm3).
Neodymium magnets are manufactured in a metallurgy process through alloying, crushing, powdering, pressing w/magnetic orientation, sintering, then cutting, coating, inspecting and packing before shipment.

Neodymium magnets offer the highest (BH)max and high Hci
(BH)max, the maximum energy product, of neodymium magnets is highest of any kind of permanent magnets today in the world. (BH)max at different grades of neodymium magnets is 27 to 52 MGOe.


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Product Range

Material Remanence Coercivity Energy product Maximum temperature
Br bHc iHc (BxH)max
kG T kOe kA/m kOe kA/m MGOe kJ/m 3 °C
N45 13.2-13.7 1.32-1.37 10.8-12.5 860-995 ≥  12 ≥  955 43-45 342-358 ≤  80
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